Natalie's life is tormented with her abusive father. Her life changes after her parents die in an accident. She moves to India for her internship in Sleep Medicine. She is threatened and after a lot of pain and struggles with a dangerous job, she finally finds peace. She meets Danny, who tries to befriend her and change her life. How will she find love? What was the dangerous job? Why was she threatened? Read to find out the why and how?

Table of Contents

Oh Naive Bird

Natalie's life is tormented with her abusive father. She is bullied a lot and after a lot of pain and struggle, she finally finds peace. She meets Dan, who tries to befriend her and change her life. Find out how? Read Chapter


Natalie worked hard and hard and finally had reached her senior year of college. Her life had made her a very different, arrogant, stubbo... Read Chapter


After a few minutes the class ends and she hurriedly leaves the classroom. She gets nervous seeing people around her and staring at her s... Read Chapter


After the class, Natalie comes out of the bathroom and bumps into Danny. She says sorry to him and leaves. As she is leaving Danny comes ... Read Chapter


Natalie couldn’t believe that some stranger had been stalking her and making her worried. She gets worried and confused when she thinks... Read Chapter

“I want you to become a mule!” whispers Sid to Natalie. “WHAAAT??” a shocked Natalie shouted as she stood up. “Heyy! Li... Read Chapter

Natalie came out of the café and felt herself tied up in a pile of huge burden and terror. She could hear her heart pounding fast and sh... Read Chapter

After a while, Natalie goes to her hostel and starts getting upset. She's in deep thought and was afraid about the threats. She quietly t... Read Chapter

It had been only four weeks since the new academic year for Lilavati Hospital had begun. Natalie was enjoying the internship work and stu... Read Chapter

Natalie didn’t know what to do and she thought of sharing this sad incident with someone. She was disgruntled and was angst because of ... Read Chapter

It had been hardly three hours since Natalie was working that day in the emergency ward. She was looking after the different patients who... Read Chapter

After the tiring day, Natalie was dismayed by what was happening around in the busy city of Mumbai. She came back to her hostel at around... Read Chapter

Natalie had been doing this illegal project for a few months because every time she was being threatened about her friend’s murder and ... Read Chapter

"Hey Sally, how you doing?" Natalie called her sister and started telling about her her plight. "Hey! What's up?" Sally emotionally sta... Read Chapter

Natalie is working on a project in her intern office when the phone rings. *phone rings* Assistant: “Hi, Is this Dr. Natalie?... Read Chapter

After writing the letter, she finally feels a little inner peace. She sleeps wells the night before sending in the letter and prays to Je... Read Chapter

While Natalie was worried about going again for the risky task, Dr. Raquesh was worried about her safety and her future. That night, Dr. ... Read Chapter

The letter words were coming back in his mind and he was deeply distracted. A few minutes later, Varun comes downstairs to get a glass of... Read Chapter

“Whoa! Like seriously dad? This is happening in our hospital?” Danny asked in disbelief. “Yes” Dr. Arora said in a grim voice... Read Chapter

Dr. Arora is shocked and tries to calm her. "Natalie." *he sighs* Dr. Arora: "Look Natalie, I know you're disturbed by what is ha... Read Chapter

  Nazia: “Yes” while she seems worried. Danny: “Oh My God! Okay…(he starts thinking) “….oh wait, I’ll... Read Chapter

Nazia (thinking): “Wow! He’s so sweet. And he didn’t even hurt me. I just hope he finds a best life partner who deserves him. Ameen... Read Chapter

In the college, Danny is on cloud nine. He is so delighted about thoughts of getting a girl he had always liked and starts feeling excite... Read Chapter

“You know what Natalie, I really respect and care about females. I just hate to see the injustice with women while everyone thinks wome... Read Chapter

She reached home and slept peacefully. Next morning, at around 6:30, Natalie’s sister, Sally calls and she is surprised. Sally: “... Read Chapter

Broker: “…So yes. Come any day and let me know before you come.” Natalie: “…Okay. Thank you. I’ll let you know.” *h... Read Chapter

Natalie continues to become a mule and puts her life at stake. Two days later, Natalie gets an “Unknown Caller ID” call. She freaks o... Read Chapter

Danny (shocked): “You’re what? Wait. What happened? Calm down. And, tell me everything. Okay?” Natalie narrates the whole incid... Read Chapter

Dr. Arora looked happy for them and then asked Natalie, “…Now since they have asked you about your mother’s property, I think we sh... Read Chapter

"Mom! We just got engaged! Oh, and please arrange the grand surprise A-SAP in Chandigarh! Your's and Simmi's flight is at two o'cloc... Read Chapter

The next day, Mr. Arora and his sons went with Natalie to the auction and after they won the house, they called the goons at a seclu... Read Chapter

In the morning, the whole family and friends of Danny and Natalie went to church for their wedding. They took their vows. Natalie fe... Read Chapter

It had hardly been half an hour since Danny and Natalie had gotten married. Something unexpected yet foreseen by Natalie happened. The th... Read Chapter