I watch as the gray sky morning passes, only to sigh, another day.

I sigh,  another day has passed   full of regrets and anger full of hatred and apologies I looked all around me  for a hint of hope! Yet I found none,  not a single fiber of  humanity in any person.  Only false laughter and darkness. The nights sky  is pitch black with no stars, no hope for us humans….. have we truly reached a point where  we do not care for others?   To a point where the whirring of machines have taken the place of laughter? I sigh again, for it is dawn. Slowly I smile softly, perhaps there is hope,  perhaps I can still find  that foreign object such as HOPE.  For the New Sun shines brightly,   and the pitch black night is driven away. I get up  to continue my search for  HOPE

Submitted: May 11, 2008

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