in this short essay i'm going to talk about how to make your relationship work and last, also give you some tips for that.

In order for a relationship to work it takes two to make it happen. It's not all about SEX, it's more

about understanding each other.  Yes couples will have ups and downs but that's when they have

have to come together and talk it out and understand each other.

Communication is KEY.  In order to be able to have a successful relationship you have to communicate

through everything no matter how big or small the subject is.  Without communication a

relationship won't work out and those so called love birds will eventually end it.

My favorite in every relationship is TRUST.  If you guys have no trust what is the point of being with

someone?  For example, one of my friends' had a boyfriend and everytime he would go out, she would

accuse him of being with someone else when he's not.  Getting to know each other more is important.

If you barely know your partner you rushed into being in that relationship with him/her. Love is a very good

feeling if you're with the right person that loves you no matter what you do or what you say. Fights in a

relationship is not good or hgealthy at all.  You guys will end up bad take it from someone who has

experience with that sort of thing. If you got any other questions on how to make your relationship work

you can message me and i'll give you some advice. :) thanks for reading guys


Submitted: October 07, 2014

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