Into Saturday Bliss ch1

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This story takes place over six days. Starting on monday and ending on 'Saturday bliss' - it mostly follows the main female as she learns life lessons along the way,

chapter one, i hope you enjoy!

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Submitted: May 27, 2009

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Submitted: May 27, 2009



"Hey Alyssa!" i yelled over the hundreds of tables in the way over crowded canteen. With immediate reaction she jumped up and ran over to me, grabbed my arm and dragged me half violently back to the table, throwing me into a reserved seat.
"I could have walked lessy." i chucked along with the other people around the table.
"Sooo… what’s the Goss? Anything? is there? Huh?" the blonde girl squeaked. Her words seemed to roll into one sentence somehow, magically, making them un-audible to me.
"Don’t wet your pants now, Elliot" the only guy around the table stressed in a joking manor. Again, another round of laugherpassed the ecstatic table.
The five of us caught up on gossip as hardly any of us shared classes anymore because of a stupid "splitting up friends" thing came into our school to stop bullying. Not that it’s actually helped.
While the other four continued to natter away i took the time and liberty to scan across the over crowded canteen. It somehow reminded me of the cooped up chickens i had seen on my last trip to Ireland.
"Mikey? Hey, Earth to Mikey! Hellooo?" upon turning my head and actually taking interest in the convocations as my name was called, my eyes set upon a blurred hand waving in front of my face. When the boy clocked on to me actually being aware of the situation again he lowered his hand back to his phone and showed me a picture he had taken over the summer. It was of him and another Guy. At a glance i nodded and didn't really care. it wasn’t that i didn't care, but it was about the hundredth picture he'd showed me. On a closer observation, i snatched his phone out of his hand and gazed at it with my jaw dropping and eyes bulging.
"Oh my good lord...London?! that’s-"
"Isaac, i know. I AM in the picture" London bragged, flicking his brown fringe to the side of his face proudly. Alyssa gasped
"NO FREAKING WAY! did you...ya know" Alyssa started to lower her voice and leaned in closer to the table. "Kiss him?" she finished. London sat up straight, tearing his eyes away from the phone. "No, sadly. well, we nearly did, but he's totally in denial about it all. he was acting all 'big man' about it" London let out a big sigh.
The other girl on the table who hadn't really spoke much leaned over to him and put her arm around him.
"Aww, its okay London, you'll find someone." she shook his shoulder comfortingly. "But until then, can you help me sort an outfit out for the presentation Thursday? I really need your help."
"FRANKIE!" Mikey joked, slapping Frankie’s knee playfully.
"What?" she turned to look at London again. "Everybody knows you’re the only one who knows what go and what doesn’t! Come on please? Pretty please?" Frankie made puppy dog eyes at him and pouted a little that was followed by a short silence.
"Fine, but just for starters, don't were that face, makes you look cheap." he joked as Frankie made her 'I’m hurt now' face.
"WELL!" a huge voiced boomed over the whole canteen. "If it isn’t Misha " i cringed at my name and my teeth clamped them harshly ground together in pure anger. Leaning down, i put my head onto the table to hide my flushed cheeks. Not now please

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