Not Such a Big World After All

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Not Such a Big World After All, is a title that speaks for itself.

Submitted: April 19, 2014

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Submitted: April 19, 2014



I sat there, I watched the world bloom right in front of my eyes. People would watch me, as if they expected me to do something. But, I couldn't, I wouldn't. I was always the shy girl in the back of the class, the one no one notices. I'd sit behind a book in the library, and keep my head down. Too many bad things had happened to me, I wouldn't let anyone in, I chose to stay by myself. I have trust issues, but my life has always been very vunerable. I'm consitantly in and out of hospitals, due to health issues, and a bad immune system. I didn't have the looks, or much of a personailty for that matter. I was in and out of foster homes until I hit highschool, and turned eightteen, and decided to live in my car. I didn't have a best friends like your typical high school girl, or a boyfriend. I sat in the cafeteria by myself, and studied on my own, and spent my free time writing. 

But suddenly that all changed. It was graduation, and I had applied to riduculously out of my reach colleges, because I had known there was no way I would be able to afford it, I lived in my car, and barely could afford that. It was a month into summer, and I had gotten a letter in the mail from Harvard Universty. I opened it, before reading it, I laughed. Probably just another letter stating how they are sorry, but I didn't make the cut. But instead it read: Dear Elizabeth, We had looked over your recomendations, and your SAT scores, and we notice serious potential in you, in fact we think Harvard would benefit from having you here so much, that'd we'd like to offer you a full scholarship." My heart just about jumped out of my chest, and I felt tears run down my cheek, and I had a smile from ear to ear. I hadn't had anyone to call to share my happiness with, so I shared it with myself, in a tiny wrecked car, in a empty parking lot, in a tiny town, in the middle of  no where, in a big world, filled with endless posibilites. 

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