Unrequited love and secrets of a past that haunts..

Her heart is laden with sadness,

A heavy weight that burdens most.

Consuming desire which ripples harsh

and feasts upon her flesh.

Arms reach upward,

fingers grasp what they cannot reach.

Emptiness surrounds her

This silence won't be breached.


Alone and solitary.

Outside she stands, peering in.

Dry tears that mock as

words stand still upon frozen lips.

It consumes.

It invigorates.

It awakens.

Molten heat withers the throbbing heart

to deny the truth of her want.


Yet -

She aches,

She hungers,

She lusts,

With wanton secrets of a woman's heart

that devour with cruel disdain. 

Shatter the glass shell.

The light beckons

toward the precipice of pain

Of a love she cannot touch.

Submitted: June 08, 2007

© Copyright 2022 Nae. All rights reserved.

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