To share a kiss

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Feelings as such..

Submitted: October 20, 2007

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Submitted: October 20, 2007



A kiss
To feel the heat within me as it melts
My skin
One touch

To savor the taste as I swallow whole
A moment of love
A desire felt
With a blessed praise that perhaps I can understand
Surround me in your desire
Relish the heat
The moisture
And know that what I carry is that of your own..
One that longs
That aches
That begs

To be swallowed by that which you hunger
A passionate flame not doused
Days of time gone by
But still longing..
Still wanting..
Still vibrant with a hunger that burns..
God, what I would give to take you to heights
To know me
And all I can give as we carry ourselves upon the wings of ecstasy
Should you dream
Should you whisper
You would feel me there
Upon you..
Surrounding you
Within me
Until we both cry out
Until we both shudder
Until we both surrender to that which we attempt to deny.
But deny not me
For I am one
Conjoined with you in so many ways
Not to be parted
I feel you inside me
I taste you within me

My heart beats your very breath..
Never to be undone
For inside me you shall always
as one..

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