A Daily Battle

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Written in 2008.
A battle ensues each day...

Submitted: July 20, 2012

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Submitted: July 20, 2012



A Daily Battle


The new day sun peeked its first ray over the wooded mountains

Possibly frightened of the angry world below

Courage kicked in and the shining star rose slowly,

As skies became pale baby blue

White puffy clouds soared across the sky

While winds whistled their morning tunes

Birds of various colors sang along with the wind

And the sun smiled, for nature was at its best


At its highest peak, the star shone above all others

Its light feeding those below

Plants drank in the glorious rays of sun

While animals did bask lazily

A couple clouds shadowed the sun, making the skies quite dark

But the gaseous star moved on


Slowly though, as if death drew near

The sun lost its perk

And began falling back to its place behind Earth

Feebly, rays flickered their light

Skies became dark pink

As Night called the sun, mocking its fate


The last ray disappeared in a green flash

And the glorious white moon took over with a splash

Waters became deep blue and the sky black as coal

As pearly white stars winked to the Earth

The sun was gone, resting for strength

As Night put the planet to sleep

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