A Failing Mission

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Harry potter related- again! More haiku stanzas and refers to the sixth book and what happened in a fateful night...

Submitted: July 16, 2012

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Submitted: July 16, 2012



A Failing Mission

Eerie, foreboding
Stumbling through the jagged rocks
Darkness increasing

A blood sacrifice
Offered for the cruel passage
Shining on the walls

The spray of the sea
Vanishes in the black cave
Further, further on

A ghostly pale green
Casts its glow in the mirrored
Vast and evil lake

A rotting, dead hand
Lifeless bodies so lazy
So chilling below

Agony, anguish
The professor screams in pain
Drinking vile potion

Water, please, water
Forced to enter Death's clawed hands
Tipping the goblet

A ring of fire lit
A tiny golden locket
Scooped from the basin

Weary, unnerving
The journey back so chilling
The Dark Mark shines high

Frozen, paralyzed
Horror as green lifts the man
Thrown off the tower

All had been in vain
All had been for naught, all waste
The locket a fake

Gone, an empty face
Sprawled on the ground so unseemly
Ne'er to wake again

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