An Adventure Awaits

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Submitted: July 20, 2012

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Submitted: July 20, 2012



An Adventure Awaits


The wooden wonder meekly meanders across the patterned page

The lyric lines bring me back to a different day and age


Silly stories suddenly sung as I’m transported into a dream

Flashing fantasies run round and are never what they seem


Imagining emotions, portrayed onto my phased face

For now I’m another anyone in a new particular place


Reread, rewrite, oh! That wacky word might work

The dazzling day now gone on into a nightly murk


Ecstasy, energy, emotions run high, no ghastly interruptions ignite!

The preposterous pace at which I set with such a monstrous might


Kindly carry me away on a fluffy, fantascious cloud

To wondrous worlds that ne’er been heard; it’s not allowed!


The soothing, scratching sound, melodious music to my ears

Quickly and quite hurriedly all raggedly rush away my fears


Completely and fantasmically, a painted person am I

An astounding actress undoubtedly in my mind’s eye

The trumpet sounds to bring me home

But initially ignore it I do, continuing to roam

On and on until that final, finicky day where I must say a grueling good-bye


Finished! The pooped-out pen shall say, and I await a grander adventure another day

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