An End- poetry

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Spring is a very beautiful season!

Submitted: July 20, 2012

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Submitted: July 20, 2012



An End


The sky does cry to those below

But they be joyous tears

For Harshness and Bitter did they go

And now the Spring be near.

The sounds of awakening break the dawning sky

As animals take leave of their dens

The warmth soon spreads throughout

The world as the ground is stampeded by tens upon tens

Cries of the birds shake the sky as they take flight

And the sun takes its peak real high

The Spring does then see the good, no doubt


There is no harshness of heat, no bitterness of cold

The lukewarm season takes its throne once again.

And the other seasons catcall, but cannot be bold

Plentiful is the Earth and so are the men.

The world comes alive and so do the heavens

Spontaneous joy does override

Colors burst and plants prosper

And you can tell who is the winning side

An artist’s dream, that is given

To see a wondrous times seven

That is worth more than gold and copper.


It signifies an end for now

To the harshness we had felt

And ready to bring its plentiful show

To the dinner table, where else?

New beginnings have begun

As colors rush on by.

The sounds fill the world ‘round

The fun can start, Aye!

The warmth provided by the sun

Spreads to animals who no longer shun

Their faces in the dwellings whence they were bound.

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