Beautiful Disaster- a poem

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Harry Potter in the house! This borrows it's title from the song "Beautiful Disaster" by Kelly Clarkson. It is about my favorite character- Tom Marvolo Riddle!

Submitted: July 16, 2012

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Submitted: July 16, 2012



Beautiful Disaster

His pale pointed face
Captivates the untrained eye
His carved hollow cheeks
So exquisitely extreme, enough to make one sigh
His dark shrewd irises
Stare straight through the quaking soul
His raven hair
Chains the spirit with a magnetic pull
His quiet nature
Tugs the heart strings cold
His brilliant mind
Makes one wish to be daring and bold

But I can't; he is too far gone
He has lent himself into the grasp of evil
And if I try
It could end in a troubling destruction
What a beautiful disaster

His high cold laugh
Does not suit him, but draws me in
His disgusting cruelty
Only causes me to endure through thick and thin
His magic
Holds me spellbound with each wave of a wand
His demanding tone
Roots me to the ground, lets my love be pawned
His ignorance
Is anything but bliss, but leaves me enchanted
His twisted smile
Only imbibes my courage, leaves me undaunted

Yet it's not meant to be
I know he is
No saint
Yet for me that handsome man
Is a beautiful disaster

His physique
Changes dramatically over the unkind years
His clipped voice
Becomes menacingly soft, dangerous, invokes fearful tears
His passion
Lacks subtlety for this game of murder he ensues
His instincts
Lean towards domination, yet still I pursue
His name- what reverence!
Shows what he truly avoids with determination
His downfall
Quells my pleasure, leaves my hollow heart to extermination

What if I'd intervened?
Could I have saved him?
All alone
That beautiful disaster...

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