Fix You- a poem

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Harry Potter related. Borrows it title from the song, "Fix You," by Coldplay. Enjoy!

Submitted: July 16, 2012

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Submitted: July 16, 2012



Fix You

The ache swells hard in your stony bosom
The thick ghostly veil has clouded your stubborn vision
The invisible irons have clamped your innocent soul down
A wand lays at your rigid side

The emptiness floods your slushing, chilled veins
The dark, murky fog obscures your true desire
The tight manacles tether your echoing life to the brick ground
You, upon the stained floor, do abide

The abyss, foul and deep black, envelopes your shivering being
The hazy mist refuses to leave your stormy eyes
The shackled chains rust on your ebbing conscience
Left among the dying to die

Swift as the phoenix upon a fiery sea
Does Death stalk every dank, hopeless corner
But he shrinks from my fierce and bitter rage
As your clammy, icy hand lays limp in mine

Try as I might, there is no cure, no miracle
In vain, my weak efforts deign to fix you
My last shallow breaths take in stale, nauseous air
And I succumb to the poison within our fading mind

We were born as one, beating joyfully to the proud world
We die as one, no longer find the strength to carry on
We stay as one, heart and mind, connected by the very soul
And though we failed to fix each other, together we are lit with Heaven's ray of light...

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