Hear Me- a poem

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Harry Potter related. This poem takes its title from the song, "Hear Me" by Kelly Clarkson. Can you guess the character?

Submitted: July 16, 2012

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Submitted: July 16, 2012



Hear Me

The stars have lost their twinkle
And an icy chill has settled down
As the raging winds rip
The mind raw.
And a cloud- colored darker
Than e'en evil could attain-
Lies dormant, waiting
Above my spinning head.
(Hear me...)

My veins shudder, barely
Allowing the thick, frozen
Blood an easy pathway.
And I'm lost- lost
Among the countless
Harrowing souls in this
Black abyss who
Scream out.
(Hear me...)

The world has vanished
Beneath my dragging feet
And true fear-
Ragged fear-
Seeps deep into my troubled heart
For now I am truly
My strength is ebbing.
(Hear me...)

A wild buzz erupts
Into my echoing mind.
I stumble, fall,
No longer can I try.
A void steals through
My silent body;
I'm ready to collapse,
Ready for love.
(Can you hear me?)

Your long, red hair
Taunts me as I
Swallow my elusive sleep.
Those green eyes
Capture me again;
I find it troublesome
To breathe.

You reject me.
(Can you hear me?)

A dam bursts above
My empty head
And now racking sobs
Are all that fill my
Meaningless life.
How can this be?
How is it that
You, my one love,
Cannot hear me?

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