I'm Coming Home

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Submitted: July 20, 2012

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Submitted: July 20, 2012



Wrapped up in thoughts

A calm bliss relaxation

No worries, care-free

Something nudges me

A shooting pain so minute

My brain barely registers

I’m on a cloud, dancing

Painting a rainbow


Voices soon haunt me,

Leave me alone!

But anxiety runs high

Tears fill my eyes

From the familiarity

Why can’t they join

This bliss life?


Little do I realize

I’m staring right at me!

And everyone that’s in

The surroundings

I cock my head

This cannot be

But alas, it’s true

Yet, a joyful feeling spreads


No! I must be saddened

What’s going on?

A long beep sounds

Wails of tears

Wash over the scene

But merriment,

It fills me!?


Realization wonders in

The truth of it all slams

Me into a wall

Amazement and excitement

Feed my soul

Wanting to spread it ‘round

Like a wild fire


“I’ll see you ma,” so energetically

“Sis, you too

Don’t worry, I’ll wait

For you!”

I pat their packs

Yet no reply

It’s no use

My pa gazes at

My shadow

A flicker of recognition

Passes his face


I wave my hand

The dawn breaks

The night sky barrier

Enclosing my mind

A thin, yet dark veil

Lingers no more


Eyes are opened wide


This cannot be

But I know it’s true

A burning within me

Desires much

The family still huddles

“Give them comfort!”

I cry, yet so joyfully

But, a dream-like state

Over takes me


They shall see me again

Toodle-oo! ‘Til we meet once more

Then turn I to the steps

That lead up

Into an endless day sky

Light floods me

Pleasant, not blind

The first step

On the strait

And the narrow

Yes, it hits me

I’m coming home!

© Copyright 2018 Nagini Riddle. All rights reserved.

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