My Diamond Star

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What is my Savior?

Submitted: July 20, 2012

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Submitted: July 20, 2012



My Diamond Star


The new, shining star

Shows off afar

Like a beacon... of hope

Like a diamond... of love

The bright shining star

Shines down

Upon an angel in

Swaddling clothes


The star up so high

The boy ne’er is shy

Does good in all His wake

Perfection is His

The star braces the light

Brighter each day

As the angel grows

And I know

That He’s there


The star in it’s light

Yet not as bright

As the man

The man named Jesus Christ

The Savior whose

Inner light so shines

He shows the way

Every new day

And I know

Of the love He gives


The star looks on me

Even when I can’t see

The love in its rays

Touch all who will stay

In the arms of Him

I see Him lifted

So high on a cross

I see Him in

A garden



Such pain is His

And ours if we

Don’t live

The gospel...

The pain

The pain He went through

Such pain

So that we might live again


So willingly, His soul

Did depart

For me and for you

And now He’s in our hearts

The light so freely we have

To shine through

Keeps us on the path

The narrow way


He is there to life us

To guide us

As we have to do

Is reach out

And take His hand


The love!

Oh, the love

To die for us

So that we might be redeemed

And see Him again

No imagination

Could we go through

To feel the pain...

Yet, we will see Him again


The star is there for all to see

Just look up and find Him

And find your inner-me




The light of the truth

And the love...

Tears drop so freely

Yet the joy ne’er stops


Yes, that loves continues on

As my light shines through

No matter if it’s weak or dim

Or if the strength engulfs you

That love is the star up above

Shines on and on its love

For eternity


And when I come face to face

And feel that love and

Feel that grace

1000 times more than

Ever felt before

Come crying to my knees

Of the joy and prosperity

And rejoice in my God

And my Savior,

Who on the cross

Went through pain

And died for us

And lived again, as we

Will too

And feel all that love

That so freely is given

To me and you


That star....

Is my hero...


...and my journey home


© Copyright 2018 Nagini Riddle. All rights reserved.

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