Save You- a poem

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Harry Potter related. Severus broods over his guilt. The title is borrowed from the song, "Save You," by Kelly Clarkson.

Submitted: July 16, 2012

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Submitted: July 16, 2012



Save You

Empty words, yet full of powerful impact, full of danger
Relayed too quickly, but sorrowful regret does reign
And wretched Time is swift; to slow down would be deign
And beseechment gains naught but agonizing guilt
Death still stalks the new babe lain in the manger
The swirling stars only wink merrily with joy
Do not whisper of oncoming slaughter like that of Troy
Do not warn of betrayal and lives that are destined to wilt
Destroyed as if by the lunatic enemy pranger
But on those stars do my wishes issue forth
That all my pitiful efforts could save you henceforth
And on this are my newfound morals built
And it harrows my darkened soul that I've been a stranger
Memories plague my wretched heart, tantalizing me
And doubts- fearful doubts- are wild and mockingly free
I yearn to be your savior, prohibit your precious blood from being spilt
That I, perhaps, could be the one, could be a life changer
No longer can I pretend, turn a blind eye to oncoming plans
It's killing me, torturing me, your short lifetime span
I dream that I could save you, to assuage my seeping guilt
Yet does destruction continue forward, leaving you in mortal danger
And bringing on ghastly horrors, and grisly deaths again, again
Leaving me in this rut, this closing space, this bitter, wrenching pain...

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