Sweet Dreams- poetry

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I fall asleep... Written in 2008.

Submitted: July 20, 2012

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Submitted: July 20, 2012



~Sweet Dreams~



During my sleep I imagined a dream

Where I flew up high to where stars gleam

And to my surprise I saw pure white

On people, buildings, even the light!


I noticed that I was staring at angels galore

A lot of them family members who I adore

Who were laughing, giggling, happy all day

And that is all about I can say


I turned around and what met my sight

But fires, anger, despair, no light

People with expressions of sadness

Of those on the other side with gladness


All at once I felt hope pierce my heart

And I looked up to see someone whole, not a part

My grandma Charee with eyes full of tears

From staring at those who were angry throughout the years


I heard her say to me as I looked around

“That is Earth you are seeing, it’s no playground.

Earth should be a wonderful place,

But with people lying and stealing, it is a disgrace.”



“But if others are hopeful all day and night

Then they can set that planet right.

Please go down and help the others

Family, friends, teachers, brothers.”


“Then when you die and come up here,

You will look around and find no fear.

No jealousy, anger or despair

All thanks to someone who’s good at repairs.”


I nodded slowly and she faded from sight

And I woke up to see morning, not night

I remembered my dream and I began to smile

As I walked out the door, ready to make life worthwhile


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