The House of God

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How I feel at the House of God.

Submitted: July 20, 2012

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Submitted: July 20, 2012



The House of God


A pure white temple full of divine riches

The angel Moroni sounding the triumph of our Lord

Stillness filling every corner far as the eye can see

Gazing upon the love that descends from the heavens above


Experience harmony and tenderness, while desires burn within the heart

The tranquil wind whisks me away, an angel am I

Ready to spread my wings and soar

Through the outermost reaches of the gospel truth


Aromas of joy wafting in to your soul

Breathing the insights from Christ, a remedy for you

As the smell of faith rises from the rose buds

Once seeds, but strive to achieve their complete potential


Drinking in the engaging revelations of scripture

The pure delight from every swallow that I take

Taste the love of God with rapture and humility

The fruit you attain will surpass all others


Bustle of activity not heard nor perceived

Silence does linger forever, satisfying the mind with truth

By a still small voice-listen, listen- it whispers

As the wind whistles by, exposing the words

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