The Lonely- a poem

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Harry Potter, yadayadayada! Borrows title from the song "The Lonely" by Christina Perri and is mainly about Merope, though it can work for other characters.

Submitted: July 16, 2012

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Submitted: July 16, 2012



The Lonely

Just a prick blossoming in the beating heart...
Slowly expands, a hollow ache,
The silent sound of loneliness-
Mutates into a deep and sorrowful abyss
That permeates throughout the sludging veins.
And the frozen blood becomes far too thick
As hot, musty rain falls from the empty eyes,
Evaporates off the blank spare parchment
And only boils the now useless ink...
Remains as the only seemly company.
Life's pages ripped, torn, scattered
In the fiery flames of hell,
Left to crisp into lonely green ashes that settle
Onto a subdued and hushed island,
Isolated from all the joys of the world
And left to the crashing tsunamis
That flood the bedraggled soul,
Whisk it away to a dark and deep hole.
Too afraid to enter inside the house of pain;
Barely breathing magic,
Barely breathing any love...
So alone, enveloping every pore;
One restless night of melancholy
As numbness fills the lonely mind,
And the ebb of life seeps away.
Existing as an echo,
Barely even a ghost,
An insubstantial shell,
So very alone...

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