The Writing Implement

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Tools that help us survive...

Submitted: July 20, 2012

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Submitted: July 20, 2012



The Writing Implement


Your movements are so fluent as you fly across the page

Emitting an occasional squeak or two from the lead

The ideas that flow off your tip in a frenzy

And the story with paper shall be wed


Oh, that you are what keeps mankind alive

A scribe to be to keep history from being lost

Any mistakes are but effortlessly repented, gone

With no amounting evidence nor any cost


Your many extravagant appearances appeal to those in need

Of your talented skills of dancing and singing

Or when you bathe in luscious perfume

Leaves a pleasant fragrance and a joyful stinging


But importantly, you entrance all with your imagination and calligraphy

Or... is it that what makes you move along the page?

Are you just a tool in excessive use

Encased up until you detonate your rage?


Broken numerous times and frequently forgotten, but

By those who esteem you the most

For without you would we have a spoken language

Or would we all be a whisper in the wind, a ghost?

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