The Family Christian

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A view of Christian intolerance through actual events.

Submitted: September 10, 2017

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Submitted: September 10, 2017



A while back a Christian woman was arrested for refusing to issue a marriage liscence to a same sex couple. She was a county clerk who cited her religion as the reson for her refusal. The arrest making her into some type of Christian marytr for standing by her belief. A belief system that obviously was of division and bigotry.

If two people want to make a formal vow to each other it's good thing. Supporting each other in life is not about gender. We need more commitment in the world, not less.

Also, when it comes to the Christian, it's always the New Testament they tout as they seperate themselves from the Jew. Excepting of course that part of the Old Testament in which gays are comdemed. Then they cut and paste that part placing it within the New Testament so they may continue thier personal brand of Christian intolerance.

Then you will recieve the 'magnanimous' Christian who will spout 'We don't hate gay people, only the sin of Homosexuality.' Keeping their oh so high minded superiority intact.

Years ago there was a Christian 'gentleman' who became angry at a statement made by Elton John. He said Jesus was an intelligent man saying nothing of his diety. The man, a Christian,showed up at the singers residence holding up a sign that read 'Kill Elton John.'

Then there are 'Diaster Christians,' the  WOG Christians, where the wrath of god is let loose upon the wicked and the sinful.

After hurrican Katrina hit the American gulf, devastating New Orleans, a very vocal group of Christians said it was the WOG because New Orleans is a hot bed of sin.

And then there was the well known evangelical who stated that the massive earthquake which hit Hatii was the WOG because the people there had praticed Voodoo. A terrible form of satanic ritual.

With the WOG type,I think they revel in destruction as it is proof of their  'End of Times' in which they are saved in their Christ and the rest of us are not.

But you know, when it comes to a Christian condeming you, it is not always bad.

When the 'Harry Potter' book series became such a great success, the author was accused of Satanism. I think the public condemnation boosted her book sales. Good for JK Rowling. I only wish I could have one millionth of her readership. Perhaps I'll try worshiping Satan. Couldn't hurt.

In conclusion, Christians hate, they are just more subtle about it in thier loving Jesus.

And I will stand toe to toe with any Christian when it comes to words. And whenever I feel compelled to express my views about the religion I will. This at times might warrent a joke of three, because I believe that Christianity deserves a good dose of mockery.

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