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A poem I've written about two months ago. It's about memories and illusions, doubting which ones are real and which aren't. A poem written upon self-experience.

Submitted: May 19, 2014

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Submitted: May 19, 2014




A thought,

Or a wish perhaps that something had happened,

Get stuck in your brain

Like carving names and dates on graves.

And slowly, without you noticing,

It crawls to your memory album,

Moving some memories apart,

Changing the order, perhaps replacing some.

And then before you know it,

A day, a week or a decade later,

You still find that one memory floating;

Floating on the surface of your mind.

And it’s then…

It’s then what that memory seems too much real,

And you start doubting its sincerity,

And you go through the rest of the package

Of memories

And you start doubting which ones are real

And which ones aren’t…

Which ones were true and which ones

Are just illusions;

The creation of a mind so desperate, so needy,

Hungry for some people who are beyond any reaching.

© Copyright 2018 Nagz. All rights reserved.

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