Extraterrestrial places

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a short poem written written late last night, inspired by a thought of someone i should not be thinking of.

Submitted: February 24, 2015

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Submitted: February 24, 2015



I would caress your soft,

White skin,

Feeling your heat magnetizing mine,

I’d stare at you in the eyes, and

Only break contact to kiss your pale lips

As gentle as I can.

I’d lift my hands, surround them around your neck,

And pull your lips tighter to mine,

 So you can feel them tremble as a reaction to how you make me feel.

I would hug you as if you were to leave by the night;

Embrace your warmth and affection

 As if the world was to end by tomorrow’s sunrise.

I’d join you on your journey of life,

Hold you by the hand until the sun sets

and the starts rise.

With affectionate kisses and embraces,

 I’d take you far away to extraterrestrial places;

I’d let you see the world from other perspectives,

That you haven’t even once dreamt of praising.

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