The Corleone Family

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Story of the Corleone Family

Submitted: January 17, 2013

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Submitted: January 17, 2013



Corleone, one of seven American mafias in Los Santos, has its outspring from Corleone, Sicily. The Corleone Family was just one of several attempts of the Clan dei Corleonesi to expand their American influence. The operation, L'Occupazione (The Occupation), was led by Salvatore "La Belva" Riina, the father of Tony Riina and Mario Riina, who both had attempted to flee from their father's tyranny. While only Mario managed to get away, Tony was inducted to a life of violence, crime and great power.

Mario's escape and testimony follow up in 1990 almost led to an immediate arrest of Salvatore, led by Giovanni Falcone. This sent Salvatore and his nearest associates into hiding until 1992, when Falcone was assassinated by a car bomb by Giovanni Brusca on a highway near Capaci. Mario's last name was changed to Miguel due to his own safety.

Salvatore's lust for power led to the L'Occupazione operation between 1997 and 2012. He was mass recruiting and sent his men all around the world, especially to the United States, Canada and northern Italy. According to the CIA and Guardia di Finanza Clan dei Corleonesi tripled their size of manpower and doubled their territory between 2001 and 2008. However, from 2009 a new period called La rivolta grande (the big revolt) begun which weakened Salvatore's position and power many places outside Sicily. Local leaders broke their ties with Salvatore, and he started to lose territory.

In 2012, in an attempt of retake lost territory in Los Santos, Salvatore sent his son, Tony, to assassinate Fransisco Valicchi, the leader of an outspring gang called Rizzuto. The mission was a success, and Tony, under the name Tony Tagliano, took over the lost territory. He formed a strong alliance with Paterno, ruled by Louie Paterno, a childhood friend from Sicily.

To gain strength and manpower Tony founded a recruitment agency with his under boss Valerio LaPorta called Tony & Valerio Recruitment, mainly known as T&V Recruitment. They hired potential gunmen as taxi drivers and personal trainers. When they seemed to be trustworthy and loyal they were slowly and carefully introduced to the real side of the company.

Tony faced a downfall not too long after the retake when a former member of Clan dei Corleonessi's LS group turned pentito and testified against Tony. The same happened to Paterno, their strongest ally, when a high ranked member turned his back on his past. This resulted in the deadliest mafia attack on American soil, uccidere il boccino (kill the snitch). Clan dei Corleonesi, Paterno and other allies launched a massive attack towards the Los Santos Police Department and FBI in attempt to find and delete all files and evidences against the mafia. How they knew about it in the first place is unknown to the authority.

Some speculate that Mario, who was working as an LSPD officer at this time, handed over state evidences to his brother. Unaware of his brother's stay in Los Santos, he stumbled over case files on his brother and decided to contact him for old time's sake. No matter how suspicious it looks, the FBI has no evidences that points towards any brotherly team up.

The Clan dei Corleonesi's future looked darker. The attack failed and everything pointed to Salvatore Riina who had gone into hiding. Tony, desperate for help, asked his brother to join him as his new consigliere. Even though Mario knew about Tony's illegal faction, he resigned as an officer and started working for him. Mario noticed Tony's loud outcry for help and saw this as an opportunity to reform the whole organization. He persuaded Tony to cut all ties to Clan dei Corleonesi and to shut down the T&V Recruitment. From this day and forth they will be known as The Corleone Family, an Italian American business dynasty looking to invest in legal activity. This is considered the fall of Salvatore Riina and Clan dei Corleonesi

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