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I hope that this makes people think twice about suicide.. I want to help out anyone battling with depression

Submitted: June 06, 2012

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Submitted: June 06, 2012




You sit there thinking about every negative thing that has happened in your life, not thinking on how the future could be.. You think about the time your big brother told you he wishes you were never born, and the time your little sister said you were the worst big sister ever.. you think about the time your dad yelled at you for breaking the glass, and the time your mum yelled at you for staining her white dress..  You think about how that one girl in your class always looks you up and down, that one bboy who calls you names all day, everyday.. you also think about when your best friend told you that she wanted a bestfriend that would always be there for her.. but what she doesn't know is that you're battling through depression.. the only person you are thinking about is your self, and your emotions.


you see a knife sitting on your dresser, not thinking about how anyone else would feel, you pick it up. are you still reading? if you take your own life now, you will never get to ask that girl why she gives you those looks, you will never get to ask that boy why he teases you.. what do you do? you just took your own life.. you are gone, forever, never to return.. no second chance, not ever to see your best friend, yor sister, your brother, your mum or your dad.. EVER. your lying there, in silence on your bed, your white sheets now turn to red.. what have you done? how is your mum going to cope? your little sister, your brother and your dad? what about your best friend? what is she going to do...


It comes to the next morning.. your mum calls out for you to get ready, but you can't reply, your gone, forever.. you will never get to tell your mum how she made you feel, ever. she calls out again, thinking you are ignoring her.. but you're dead, you can't reply.. Keep reading, don't stop. She stamps upstairs, then stops at your door to see you have taken your life, she screams, then she drops to her knees. your dad comes up not long after your mothers scream.. your dad stands there and stares.. the strong man your dad always was, the one that never cries, yeah he finally just broke down. your mum, the one who always smiles, will never smile again. your brother runs upstairs to see what the fuss is about, he instantly breaks down aswell.. His baby sister, the one he loved more than anything just took her own life.. your gone, you will never know the love your brother actually had for you, because you took your own life.. finally, your little sister, sees you lying there dead, she runs over to you shaking you to wake up.. You were her everything, the one she looked up to, but you are gone now.. you will never know how much you really meant to her.


the school is now notified of your death. when your bestfriend is told, she raises her hands to her head and sits there and screams. she feels like its her fault, you were the only one she trusted, more like you were her only friend. but now your gone. the boy who teased you all the time, he feels like its his fault, he secretely was crushing on you.. the girl who looked you up and down, she cries everyday now, and suffers from depression.


your little sister and eldest brother don't go to school, they both are dealing with depression,and not one day goes by without them crying and begging for you back. your dad gave up his job, and stays home each day, wishing he had gave you more love, you were his everything, even though he might of not shown it. your mum finally oes into your room to pack everything up.. she struggles to do this..


2 months later, your sister is diagnosed with cancer.. but you wouldnt of known this because your gone, never to return, forever dead.. your brother has to speak to a counsellor, and now self harms..


your dad, wants to committ suicide, but knows he has to stay strong for the rest of the family..


one simple mistake can kill many, think twice. everyone that you think doesnt care, deep down does. you are beautiful, you are wanted, you are loved, you are special..

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