The Girl who likes Shooting Stars

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a girl who likes shooting stars

Submitted: November 18, 2010

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Submitted: November 18, 2010



The Girl Who Likes Shooting Stars

Long time ago there was a girl named, Melissa. One night she was at home with her grandma and her 10 years old brother, John, and Melissa. John told Melissa, hey Melissa can u bring me a soda? Melissa told John ok little brother. Then Melissa went to the kitchen and opened the refregerator was looking for a soda, then she grabs a cup to serve the soda. She looks out the window and then she saw a shootin- g star. She was like \"Wow what the heck is that?\" Melissa took the soda to her little brother John. Then Melissa went to her grandma and told her what she saw in the sky.

Her Grandmother told Melissa that was a shooting comet or a shooting star. Melissa went to her room and went to her computer. She googled what was a shooting star and then after that Melissa went outside her house. She was waiting to see another shooting star. She didn`t see another shooting star. She got upset, then she went to her grandma and told her. Grandma didn`t see another shooting star. Her grandmother said: Well, Mellisa a shooting star doesn`t always appear, sometimes it can last a month without seeing another shooting star Melissa got upset and went to sleep.

2 years later... Melissa was happy because it was her sweet 16 and the theme of her sweet 16 was \"like a shooting star\" she was getting her hair done. She went to her party. She was happy but at the same time she was sad because she wanted to see a shooting star. 3 hours later her party was over she went the parking lote she looked to the sky she said; I wish I saw a shooting star. Then 10 minutes later she looked to the sky again, she saw 3 three shooting stars. She was so happy that she saw three shooting stars, then she went to her house and then she said thank you God for this special day.

Author: Nahomi Lee Chico Written on 17 of November 2010

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