Fabulous...Or not?

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Kaylie Brown has everything in life she could possible want. She lives in a mansion and is dating the hottest guy in the universe. But all good things come to an end and Kaylie's life changes in 48 hours. Is the change good or bad?

Submitted: February 28, 2013

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Submitted: February 28, 2013




Fabulous...Or Not?

I am Kaylie Brown and I used to be a manipulative queen bee. My life changed in 48 hours. This is my story and only you get the privilege to hear it from me.

“Ringggg!” The school bell rang, signalling the end of the school week. I shut my light pink, spiral notebook and glided out the door of 12th grade support Math.

“Kaylie! There’s a math test on monday! Don’t forget to study!” Aaron, my strict math teacher barked. I rolled my hazel eyes at him. “Whatever,” I muttered. Like I have time to study for a stupid math test.

The hallway was as barbaric as the protests going on in Egypt. Muscular jocks were stuffing midget freshman into slim trash cans. Their protests were muffled by the school choir who were confidently singing off-tune. Annoyed teachers were pushing their way through the jam packed hallways, balancing their cup of filtered coffee high in the air.

I took a step forward and as soon as I was within eyesight, the hallway madness stopped. The crowds parted so I, the most stunning teen in the entire Galaxy could strut down the cream colored hallway. People fetched their phones out of their bags and started snapping photos. Everyone wanted to get a picture of the Homecoming Queen. I flashed a smile to the various phone camera’s, flipped my wavy brunette hair and continued to strut down the hallway, towards my locker. “I am Kaylie Brown and I am fabulous,” I said to myself.

Once I had reached my fluorescent pink locker, I punched in my combo and tugged on the silver handle. “Open!” I commanded, even though I knew it would not help. After several moments of tugging, pulling and pushing, the rigid locker door finally burst open. I admired my reflection in my locker mirror, grabbed my beige Prada handbag and sauntered to the Mayberry High Carpark.

Outside, my boyfriend, Harry was patiently waiting for me in his black car. He gave me one of his breathtaking smiles which made me rush across the carpark and plant a soft kiss on his lips.

“You look gorgeous ”, Harry complimented me as I seated myself in the front passenger seat of his car. “Thanks.” I replied, as our lips met in yet another kiss.

Harry inserted his keys into the ignition, pressed the gas pedal and the car zoomed out of the vast car park. After passing several houses and a gazillion shopping malls, Harry finally pulled into my narrow driveway.

“See you later!” He called after me as I strutted through the front patio. I blew him a kiss, flipped my wavy brunette hair and fetched my keys out of the pocket of my studded, leather jacket.

I inserted my key into the keyhole and the door to my mansion opened. As soon as my boots touched the polished wooden floor a puzzled expression crossed my face. My house looked different. The house looked immaculate. There was not a speck of dust to be seen. The checkered carpet had been so thoroughly vacuumed, it looked brand new. On top of the carpet, there was a teak coffee table balancing in mid air, only with the support of it’s four slim legs. On the table, there was a tall and narrow vase which was the home of three elegant Orchids. Wow! I thought. The house had never been this clean since my mom died.

My eyes darted across the room and landed on the three people who stood on the carpet.  One of them was my 46 year old dad. Today he looked neat. He had exchanged his usual, stained, crimson polo for a white button down shirt. Over the shirt he wore a black blazer to save him from the cool December breeze. Instead of his usual chestnut brown cargo shorts he wore navy blue jeans which did not have a single crease in them. He had treated himself with a new haircut which made him look like Keegen Allen.

“Dad? What’s going on? Who are these people?” I enquired. His face glowed with pride as he announced, “Honey, this is my girlfriend Victoria and her daughter Penny. Their apartment accidentally got burned down so they will be staying here for a week. I hope you don’t mind.”

My eyes left my smitten dad and landed on the middle aged women next to him. Victoria was wearing a hideous knee length, yellow dress with golden sandals. Her short, blonde hair was held up in a messy bun. My nose inhaled the scent of her cheap Yardley perfume which automatically made me want to puke. She gave me a tight smile and I faked one back.

Then, my eyes moved away from the ugly lady and landed on the skinny blonde. She was so skinny, you could easily mistake her for anorexic. Her blonde hair was short and very greasy. She was wearing a white top from a thrift store which said, ‘I’M SMART AND YOU'RE NOT!’ Her face was buried in a book on Algebraic Expressions. As soon as her gaze met mine, her grey eyes widened in awe. I smirked. She could not believe how pretty I was.  

I turned towards my dad and started to yell, “What are you thinking? You invited your girlfriend and her daughter to my house and you did not tell me!” I stomped my foot on the ground and continued. “You can’t do that! This house is meant for us only! You can’t invite anyone else here and especially not someone ugly and poor!” I blabbered on.

I refused to ignore the feelings that were swirling around in my brain, mixing and merging into one another, leaving me confused and furious. My face was red with anger and my fingers were curled into fists. My eyes narrowed at the women who were invading my house, it took every inch of my willpower to not snarl at them. At times like this, I wish I was a cat. I would have opened my mouth and showed them my my razor sharp, white teeth. I would hunch my back and the orange hairs on it would stand up. I would then let out a deep growl which would send them spiraling back to their loft.

Unluckily, I wasn’t a cat. I was a civilized, spoilt teenager. Then, I did what every teenager in California would do. I opened my mouth and announced, “It’s either me or them! Choose now!” I ordered, confident he would chose me.

My dad’s eyes widened in shock. His jaw dropped. “Wait! Honey lets talk about this. I’m sure we can all live together. You know I can’t leave them on the street.”

“No! What about when my friend’s come over?” I pointed my finger to Penny. “Do you expect them to hang out with her?” Penny ignored my snarky comment and whispered something into my dad’s ear. My dad hesitated at first, then nodded and turned towards me.

“Honey, maybe you should stay with a friend for some time. You need to cool down and stop yelling.” He said calmly. “Victoria is my girlfriend and nothing you say would change that. I love her and her daughter.”

“Wait. What?” Omg! Was he kicking me out? Did he just say he loved Penny? Penny sensed my fear. I saw the smile on her lips when she mouthed “second best.”

I did not wait for my dad’s response, still shocked someone dared to get me mad. How could Penny have the nerve to say she was better than me? I turned on my heel, raced up 2 flights of wooden stairs and slammed my bedroom door shut.

How could my dad be so mean? How could he kick me out? Doesn’t he love me anymore? How could he choose Penny over me? How could I be second best? I was supposed to be fabulous, right?

I packed clothes, makeup, my laptop, iPhone, iPod, iPad and other necessities in my hot pink duffel bag and drove my Lexus to Harry’s house. Within two minutes I was there. I rung the doorbell and was greeted with the one and only man I loved. I collapsed into his arms and burst into tears.

“How could he get over mom so fast?” I asked once I was in Harry’s room. “It’s only been a year since mom died and he is already with someone else. I can’t believe it!”

Harry wiped a tear of my face with his index finger and sat next to me on the bed. “You can live with me for sometime. They are going to break up eventually right?” Harry asked.

“I hope. That woman and her daughter are poor. And not to mention ugly!” I replied. Harry gave me a reassuring smile. I gave him a forced smile back before I drifted off to sleep.

The next morning I woke up at 5am. I was planning on going home and getting the rest of my things before my dad or anyone from his so called ‘family’ wakes up. I brushed my teeth, took a quick shower and changed into a short, red dress. I applied some makeup and painted my nails scarlet.

I looked in the mirror and recited “I am Kaylie Brown and I am fabulous,” even though I felt far from fabulous. I felt...second best. I flashed the mirror a fake smile, flipped my brunette hair and marched out the door.

I decided to walk the short distance. There had been a snowstorm last night so the driveway was buried under two feet of snow. A snowflake fell from the sky, it twirled in the air before joining it’s family on the driveway. Another snow storm was on its way. If I wanted to make it home and back in time I would have to hurry. I quickened my pace. My black boots leaving tiny footprints on the evenly leveled snow as I trudged home. I had forgotten to bring a jacket this morning so I was going to freeze to death. I hugged myself, hoping it would keep my warm. I broke into a run. I wanted to be as far as possible from the cold winds.

I opened the front door with my keys and I was greeted with the warmth of my fireplace. I had missed heat so much in the last four minutes. I went closer to the flames and sat on the rug next to it. I gazed at the flames in awe. The flames danced up and down, they became big and small. Without the fireplace I would have become a walking snowman.

After a while, I crept up two flights of stairs. I prayed the floorboard did not creak under my boots as I tiptoed towards my room. I was about to press the door’s handle when the disgusting aroma of Yardley perfume wafted into my nose. Victoria and Penny! What would they be doing in my room? I valiantly entered my room. I was going to yell at Victoria for entering my room. I was going to-

As soon as I caught a glimpse of what was happening, my brave thoughts shattered into a million pieces. My jaw dropped and my hazel eyes widened. I could not believe what they were doing.

Penny’s hands were in my purple dresser. She was dumping all of my possessions in a black bag. At the other side of the room, her mother was shuffling through my clothes, deciding which ones to take. As soon as she saw me, her eyes narrowed into slits. Her chapped lips curled into a wicked frown. She dropped the Dolce and Gabbana dress she was about to steal and fetched something black out of her handbag.

I squinted my eyes in order to make sure it was what I thought it was. As soon as my prediction was confirmed, I let out a huge gasp. The object in Victoria’s scrawny hands was a gun. Oh my god!It was a real gun!

“Put your hands above your head, where I can see them” She commanded. I obediently followed her instructions for the fear of dying at the age of 17. My hands were trembling with fear and my eyes were silently pleading, “Please let me go! What have I done to you?”.

My heartbeat quickened as I feared what was about to happen. I heard a silent click as Victoria took the safety of the gun off. I started to panic. My face started sweating. Droplets of sweat pooled together on my forehead and fell down my pale face. My hands and legs were shaking. I was hyperventilating like crazy. Victoria’s lips curled into a cruel smile, knowing she had full control over my life.

Her index finger moved to the trigger and my heart skipped a beat. I wanted to run or hide but I was frozen in time. My feet refused to part with the ground. I wished that this was just a dream. I wished that I would wake up in a few minutes and be lying on my queen sized bed.

I wondered if anyone would miss me. All through my life I had been a manipulative queen bee. People only listened to me out of fear. What would people remember me for? I was not sporty or smart. I did not have any talents. The only thing I was good at was ruining other peoples lives. I wished that I wasn’t mean. I wished that I had listened in math. I wish I aced my tests like Penny did. Then maybe my dad would have been proud of me. Then he may have chosen me over Victoria. Then, I never would have gotten myself into this mess. I decided to  send a silent prayer to god.

Dear God,
I know I’m not your biggest fan. I just wanted to let you know that if I survive through this, I would be perfect. I would quit cheerleading and do a real sport. I would stop wasting time on my makeup and study for tests. I would-

“Any last words?” Victoria asked coldly, snapping me out of my prayer. “Dad!!!!!” I screamed at the top of my lungs, hoping he would hear me.

“He can’t hear you. He is across the house” Victoria announced triumphantly. I glared at her. She was going to be the reason I was going die at 17 years and 7 months. She was the reason I was going to miss high school graduation. She was the reason I would never get married to Harry. No! No! No! This could not be happening! This has to be a dream! But it wasn’t. This was as real as the Sun, Moon and everything else.

“Say goodbye to earth, Kaylie. This is your last second alive.” Penny piped up. After that statement everything started to move slowly and a few seconds seemed like light years. Victoria’s finger pressed on the trigger. I forced my eyes shut. This was it. This was how I was going to die.

“Stop!”, I heard my dad’s loud voice order. I have never been so happy to hear his voice ever in my life. He charged towards Victoria, like an angry bull. He knocked the gun out of her grip so the bullet hit did not hit me. He pounced on her bony body. His sharp fingernails scratching her face. He punched her in the eye and gave her a kick in the stomach.

“You will never touch my daughter again!” He yelled as I let out a sigh of relief. I was not going to die after all!

The next few minutes were a huge blur. The cops arrived and arrested Victoria and Penny. I disappeared into the guest room, not wanting to witness the scene going on. I immediately grabbed my math book. I was going to keep my promise. I was going to study hard and ace tests. I was going to change, big time.

I was halfway through question 17 when my dad appeared at my door. His hair was a mess and he looked like he was about to burst into tears. He was drinking Vodka straight from the bottle.

“Kaylie, I’m really sorry,” he apologised as he paced on the carpet flooring. “I’m really sorry I chose Victoria and Penny over you. I’m sorry I kicked you out. Can we please just go back to how we were before?”

I nodded. So much had happened over the last 24 hours. I missed my old relationship with my dad. “Yeah. I would like that”

“I love you,” he whispered and swallowed me into a bear hug. “I love you too, dad.”

“Put away your books and take out a pencil.” Aaron demanded while he erased the whiteboard. It was a serene monday morning. I was seated on a desk in the front row, my back straight and my head held high. Today was the math test. I had spent the entire weekend cramming and solving baffling math equations. I am Kaylie Brown and I am going to ace this test! I thought to myself.
Aaron scanned the desks in the classroom. Once all textbooks were put away, he took out a bundle of papers from his desk drawer. “I am now going to hand out the test papers. Once you are done, turn the paper over and raise your hand.”
Once the paper was in my hand, I scanned all the questions. Easy, I thought to myself. I took out a pencil from my fluffy, purple pencil case and started scribbling down the answers.
Within 30 minutes, I was done. I raised my hand and Aaron marched to my desk. “I’m done.” I announced proudly. He looked at me, shocked. He opened his mouth but didn’t say anything. Instead, he took out a red pen and started correcting my paper.
“Wow!” Aaron gasped, after he corrected every single question in the booklet. I snatched the paper out of his hands and stared at my result.

“OMG!” I yelled, jumping up from my chair. “I got 100%!” I clapped my hands. “Wohooo!” I screamed out in joy.

I am Kaylie Brown and I am truly fabulous. That was something no one could change.


© Copyright 2017 nainamishra99. All rights reserved.

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