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I just wanted to review the book Divergent by Veronica Roth. Do not read if you haven't read the book, it contains spoilers.

Submitted: November 17, 2012

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Submitted: November 17, 2012




First off, this book was epic. Veronica Roth did an amazing job with this one. I absolutely cannot wait till I read Insurgent. This is my first proper book review on GoodReads and I'm not going to sit here and give you a summary. I'll get right into my opinions: 
(Warning, this may not be the most professional review you read)

1) Beatrice "Tris" Prior is a powerful protagonist voice that carries you along her journey as her own personality changes. She transforms from a somewhat fragile "Stiff" to a Dauntless with many ideals replaced from her old life. I especially like how she doesn't hold back her anger and frustration and learns to value them while going through initiation, if that makes sense. Roth didn't try to make the character likable. She made her her own person. And yet, of course, in the end we like her just fine. I cannot personally relate to her though, I swear I would be in Amity or Abnegation haha. I don't think I've respected another fictional character more than I respect Tris. 

2) The amount of deaths. By the time the book ends, half the main/supporting characters I knew in the beginning were dead. It took The Hunger Games took three books to accomplish that with its notorious amount of deaths in Mockingjay. I'm not hating on The Hunger Games, they're another one of my favorite series. I'm just pointing out that Roth had no problem killing off a vast majority of the characters in this novel, being it only the first in a Trilogy. Both of Tris's parents' deaths really hit me, especially her mother's. They were both sudden and not expected (well to me). 

3) I knew it. Tobias. *sigh* I love him. My all time favorite fictional male lead is still Percy Jackson, but Tobias is awe inspiring. I'll say it though: I saw him coming. I knew from the second Marcus's son was mentioned in the earlier chapters and how he transferred to Dauntless that he would be important. And I also highly suspected that he would be Tris's love interest. And when he wouldn't tell her what faction he was from and his very very slight Abnegation traits showed up I was sure of it. I'm not trying to brag, just merely pointing it out. (I also saw Will and Christina ending up together, but who didn't see that coming?) I so admit I wasn't expecting Four to be him though at first. And I absolutely love how his nickname "Four" came about. It was highly interesting to read about. My friend tells me there are a couple of chapters out with his perspective. I am definitely looking into that. His character is amazing.

4) I never expected Tris's mother to originate from Dauntless (with a freakin' tattoo) AND be Divergent. I am eagerly looking forward to more information on that in the next book. Hopefully I get more information. 

5) The most unexpected thing I came across was Tris shooting Will, smack down in his forehead. I was like "....what." when I was reading. I understand she lost her mother and was being brave and not letting her die in vain so escape was the number one priority. But I did NOT expect her killing Will. I don't understand why she didn't just shoot him where he wouldn't die. Christina is going to be pissssed. Maybe someone could read this and shoot some light onto that for me. I may just be missing something very obvious.

6) Christina didn't grow on me. Don't really know what else to say about that.

7) The plot line was really gripping of course. It's an average dystopian setting where there is something wrong with the government. But it adds it's own twist on events as each novel does. Even though it is similar to The Hunger Games, it could not be more different. I was not expected Eric to be an Erudite spy until it was suspected my Tris herself. I had not at all expected Al to commit suicide by jumping into the Pit or trying to kill Tris. And all these twists play into a bigger picture. 

8) I have a weird feeling that Edward and Myra will make a reappearance somewhere in Insurgent or the 3rd book. I shall see. 

All in all, a pretty damn epic book. I finished it quite quickly (neglecting school work I should have been doing of course :/) New current favorite series.

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