It was just that easy

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A British man who was injured in war need to find another work after he is wheeled but his son find something that could change their lives.

Submitted: February 21, 2013

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Submitted: February 21, 2013




Once upon a time in Britain, there was a family made of 4 members. A father called Henry, a mother called Talia and a boy called John and a girl called jade. It was a poor family. Their father was working in a food shop with his boss. After years a war have began. Henry has to go to buy them some food so he went out home. But the enemy army has shot Henry on his leg. He crawled to his home, sad, and unhappy. After the war has finished and the enemies are defeated, Henry got back to work, but when his boss saw him he said “Get out of here!” Henry asked “Why?” the boss replied “I don’t want wheeled workers, you’re fired!” Henry got back home unknowing what to do. Now that he doesn’t have a job and no lot of money he doesn’t know what to do.  Then Talia came and talked to Henry “Henry don’t be sad, I found a job that can feed us, but its far away so I bought a ticket to sail there” he replied “no, don’t go, I don’t want to you to be far from me” – but you know we don’t have a choice

-Ok, but be careful

-Ok, I will be very careful.

After days Talia had sailed away.

John and Jade were sad that their mother is far from them, because they will miss her.

After years they get used to it, and their mother sent for them 70% of the money for them and 30% for her.

Once a day, Henry decided to take his children to the beach because their house was close to the shore.

As usual, Jade likes to collect rocks while John likes to dig to find things. When John was digging he felt that there is something. He dug more, and then he found a yellow rock. He ran to his father who was relaxing in the beach and said “Father, I found a strange yellow rock!” Henry was surprised and said “a yellow stone, there are no such thing” then John replied “But it is yellow rocks see” John kept the rock with him and locked it in his dresser. After a couple of days Henry’s rich friend returned from Canada. So his friend went to his home and met him. Henry Said “Welcome Jack! I’m happy to see you again!” His friend Jack replied “Me too Henry, it was a long time in Canada, and I have faced strange things there.”

-Speaking about Strange things, Jack my boy said that he found a yellow stone.

-Impossible! Yellow and a stone.

-Yes, he kept it with him, would you see it?

-Yes of course

Henry told John to give the yellow stone (or rock) to him.  When Jack has saw it and touched it, he was surprised and said “oh my God! It’s not a rock, it is gold!”

Then Henry asked “What is gold that you are speaking about?”

-Gold worth money, but not small amount of money, huge amount of it!

-Are you saying the truth or you just kidding with me?

-No it’s real! You don’t know that because you have never saw gold.

-You mean that stone worth lot of money.


-It’s good news!

-Henry I have to go now.

-Ok bye.


Henry was so excited to exchange the gold to money.

He went to the nearest banker.

When the banker first saw the gold he said “It’s a huge gold!” then Henry asked “how much it worth?”

The banker said “it’s closely worth 100,000 Britain pounds.” Henry was so happy. He went home and said to his kids “We are so rich!” Everyone jumped of joy and danced. Then Henry bought a big shop. But Henry has to know what job he has to work. Henry thought “what is easy and don’t need a scholarship and a chair wheeled man can do?”  Jade said “shoes maker!” The Henry replied “it’s a great idea!”

The Henry bought the equipment and items for shoes maker and putted a title (Henry’s shoes).

After days a woman wants a soft high heel.

When he was making the shoe first layer, Jade was holding a stone from her collection and accidently the stone fell on the high heels. Then Henry came back and putted the 2nd layer over the stone. After a day the woman came and pay for the high heels.

Then the woman returned to the shop. Henry said “are there something wrong maim?” she replied “no, it is a very soft heels and I want you to make me another one” The next day he gave her the other heels. She tried it but she was disappointed. She said “that not like the soft heels that I last bought, it’s like one of the other normal heels, I don’t want it” Henry didn’t know why, so he still thinking and thinking until he went to Jade’s room and asked Jade “when I left the shop did you entered it?”

Jade replied “yes, why?”

-Before that, did you held anything with you.

-Yes, my stone from my collection

-It is soft right?


-Where you get it?

-There is a secret place in the beach I found that contain very strange stones.

-How strange?

-They were so soft.


-And every time I collect them all, the next day new soft stones are there like I never touched them.

-It’s wonderful news!

Henry collected all the soft stones, he daily go to the beach and collect them. He designed lots of shoes by the soft stone. He put his invention in the news paper: (Henry’s Softest-shoes, the softest shoes ever). Every one bought his soft shoes and heels.

Then he bought a big store so more people can buy his soft shoes. He became over time popular and filthy rich. Now that he has money, his wife Talia came to her home. After years his shops then were international. In every country, he had a big store of soft shoes. Then they called him for an interview.

When was in the interview they asked him “what is you secret of making soft shoes?” he replied “it was just that easy, Soft stone!” 





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It was just that easy

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