Staying True to yourself

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This story is about four friends that become famous and they are all Japanese and they learn how to deal with their emotions.

Submitted: May 07, 2013

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Submitted: May 07, 2013



Staying True to Yourself


On November 4, 1970 in Tokyo, Japan there were these 4 friends on top of a building singing.  The first friend was named November Okai. November was kind of bossy sometimes and she had beautiful, long, black hair and her hobbies were writing songs and playing a guitar.  Next we have Shara Kimochi.  He has long sepia colored hair and wears a bunch of necklaces.He loves to practice and play his electric guitar and he has a kind a caring personality.  Next, we have Rukka Kimochi, daughter of Shara Kimochi.  Rukka has that kind personality too and she loves to play a magical pink bass guitar.  People in Japan know of her as a gothic chick because she is wearing the most awesome rock star gothic styles every single year thought out Tokyo.  Lastly, we have November’s boyfriend named October Nishikido.Pretty soon we are thinking that November and October might get married.

  As the sun sets November 4th in Tokyo, Japan at 6:35 PM over the huge city November takes a breath as she said, “Look at the most beautiful sunset ever!” October said, “This very sunset reminds me of us never having any sorts of fights or anything. We always stick together no matter what.”  “You know what, it’s getting chilly  out here and I think we need to record one more song for tonight.” November said walking back inside as October followed.  Shara and Rukka just stood still as they just looked straight in the sunset.  “ Guys! Are you coming?” November yelled. Rukka and Shara turned slowly and shook their heads no.  October said, “Well, what’s the problem then?”  Shara said, “ There’s something bugging us horribly making feel really sick on the inside.”  “Yeah, we’re not sure what it is though. But, we want to free the feeling so bad and it might have something to do with me and Shara.”  Rukka said sadly.”  Rukka and Shara walked in as they slowly passed October and November they saw  creepy images coming straight out of Rukka and Shara’s body’s grabbed them and hurting them. November and October screamed of fear and Rukka and Shara looked back as they said, “Why did you scream?”  November said, “It’s… It’s nothing.”

The next day when  November and October were in the recording studio waiting for their two closest friends now considered as band members they decided to try calling them to see what’s taking them so long to come in to work and rehearsal practice for an upcoming concert.“ November I just tried calling  Shara and Rukka but their phone line is down cause they probably don’t want any one calling them for a reason.  At, this point November and October just had to find out what was going on. So, after they got permission to leave work from their 100% nice boss Mr. Tayukimo they went to see Rukka and Shara.  After November and October got their they went to the door and knocked a few times since there was now answer and their door was unlocked they decided they needed to barge in so they did and they found Rukka and Shara sitting in a corner having a tantrum.  Shara said, “ LEAVE US ALONE! CAN’T YOU SEE WE’RE IN A BAD MOOD!”  “Why aren’t you two at work with us because today we have to record six songs and get rehersal practice in!” November shouted. “GET AWAY FROM US!” Rukka yelled.  November asked, “ Can you tell us in nice and calm voice what’s going on? “ Shara said, “O.K. Well, here it goes. Last night, we thought we would just go through some old papers from when we used to be in school and I remember you gave us a lot of your old paper cause you said you didn’t want them.” Rukka said, “And there was one paper that said I hate October written all over it.” October looked at November and smacked on the said of the head. November became very embarrass and them Shara said, “ Then I found one that said I love Shara all over it. I can’t believe you would do something like that to me and I’m very frustrated with you right now!”

November said, “ Shara, I don’t think you understand.”  “HUH!?”  Shara said looking now very confused.  “ I was very young back then and I wanted to see what you would think of me and I used to want to marry you when I was like six and seven years old and I used think October bullied me.” November Said. “Now I feel very dumb and retarded in front of Rukka, October, and you November. I’m sorry I yelled at you for no reason.” Shara said almost crying.“You had the right to yell at me Shara.  I should of never wrote those love noted to you in the first place.” November said.  “ No, I mean I’m very sorry!  I have no right to yell at you! I’m very sorry, can you ever forgive me?” Shara said this time crying.  November said, “Well, I’m staying true to myself so in this case yes! And no matter what I always forgive you! Cause you and Rukka are October and my closest friends.”  Rukka said, “ WOW! Novemeber that means so much to Shara and me thanks so much!” Shara and November hugged each other and keep going on at how sorry they are.November and October left Shara and Rukka alone for few minutes to them talk things out among them self’s weather they wanted to come back to work or take the rest of the day off. Rukka said, “ Why were you so hard on her at first?”  “I didn’t know why she wrote those love notes.” So your thinking this whole thing is my fault!” Shara said. Rukka said, “Uh…No. But from now on ignore stuff I say because you kind of just hurt my feelings.” Shara gave Rukka a hug as he said he was sorry. Then they all went out together that night and new they were truly friends again.

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