the voice of angels; and ode to her

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an ode to her

Submitted: April 03, 2011

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Submitted: April 03, 2011



The voices of angels

An ode to her


I hear the voices of angels singing as she speaks,

Even the words of pain I cling so greatly too,

So ingulfed I am I cry for her every night,

She sucks me too her as my godly delieght,

She brings with her loves sweetest embrace,

She has gods greatest gifts given to her,

She cries at night wondering what must be done,

I see her angelic voice falter at the thoughts of losing one of us,

Wat should I do for that angel that speaks,

So tired of wannabe angels and found the real one,

The question she should truly ask,

Is he worthy enough for me?,

I like to think yes I am my love is strong,

But I aint I cant promise a great life,

All I can promise is this love of mine shall never falter with u at my side,

My angelic voice so keep on singing ur beautiful songs,

Send me forward to heavens gates at ur arms.

Ill await your reply for u I truly want.

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