Cant walk into another chapter if the last one isn't closed

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A poem for the teenage girl going through the difficult struggle of life, from a woman who was once there...

Submitted: April 11, 2013

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Submitted: April 11, 2013




It’s like ripping out the pages and setting them all in front of me

Still stuck on page one

Asking the lord when he’ll stop testing me

Moving on to chapter four

But crying about the pain in chapter three

I can’t walk into my destiny

If my feet are not in front of me

They say the strongest women in the world were made that way

Their journey silenced because they had too much truth to say

Struggles drowned out by sex, drugs and materials

What kind of woman can you be, growing up in a hole?

Crying out for a father, a protector, for his love

But those calls go unanswered cause he left in chapter one

In this world it’s not ok for a woman to have daddy issues

You’re labeled a statistic or a whore

They won’t pass your ass a tissue.

You walk with your booty out and your chest up

Turning that B into a C cup

Posting naked pics to get a like

But you cry yourself to sleep, thinking about taking your life

It’s hard being a teenager girl

When the world is on your back

You see the easy way out, and know its love that you lack

Every man that you meet, you’re at his beck and call

And he uses you up, till you are nothing at all

The way I see it you have two women you can be

You can be a slave to your environment, or you can be free

The truth to survival in this world is to know one thing.

You deserve it all, because you are a daughter of the King.

Though it seems right now, that you have reached the end

Baby girl let me tell you, we all walked before we ran

We all screamed

We all cried

We all wished that we died

We all have been used

Been abused

We’ve even told our own lies

The world that you see when you close your eyes

It’s closer than you think, you just have to try

The biggest challenges will be to love yourself

To take your fear and your pain and put them all on the shelf

Forget the things they you are used to and try a something new

We’ve all been there before, and are here to help you.

So while your book is still open, put those pages back

Take a look at your life and embrace the facts

We don’t know your history or what you’ve been told

But you can’t walk into another chapter if the last one isn’t closed.

© Copyright 2017 Nalissa Dream. All rights reserved.

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