Names are Nothing

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this is the first couple chapters(i know they are more like parahgraphs but oh well) of the book i am currently writing, please give your honest opinion:)

Submitted: December 20, 2011

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Submitted: December 20, 2011



part 1- An unfortunate consequence


‘He’s really hurt about this you know?’

Aria tried to ignore Carter’s attempts to change her mind. She refused to doubt her decision.

‘He came to footy practice crying, Ri, he really likes you. Maybe even loves you…’ he continued, desperately trying to get Aria to look him in the eyes.

‘Yes, well, I don’t love him do I?’ aria spat out. Carter was meant to be her friend, why was he making her feel so bad about all this? She couldn’t help how she felt, of course she didn’t want to hurt the poor boy but…she had to follow her heart.

‘Don’t say that, Ri. What’s so great about this Jackson guy anyway? James really cares about you, he’s a great guy?’

‘It’s Jason’ Jason. Aria felt butterflies just thinking about him. His scruffy, blonde hair and electric blue eyes made her weak. Not to mention his body. She lived for the chance to be with him. She found it hard to believe someone so magnificent could ever go for her. Plus, he was 16.16! And he really liked her, or at least aria thought he did, she prayed with all her heart that he did. It seemed like he did, all the kind things he said to her, how he didn’t care about her complete lack of co-ordination, or the fact that she was in an academic program. Jason was perfect; James was a boy who had to be hurt in order for them to be together.

‘And he’s amazing. James is a great guy, I know that, but…he’s not Jason.’ she said definitively, storming off towards the English block.

‘I don’t trust this guy, Ri, what if he’s just using you…after all he is 16. And you know what older guys are like…’

‘Yeh I get it carter. He just wants me for sex. Ugh, just because you don’t think anyone could want me does mean it’s true.’

Aria spat out the words, remembering how bad carter had once made her feel. He was her best friend, but a little while back she hated him. Well, not him exactly, just the truth of his words. ‘It’s funny how everyone wants your best friend, but no one wants you’, the sentence echoed in her head. It was still true, however much aria wished it wasn’t. She wished she was the pretty one, with guys chasing after her, desperate just to be around her. But she wasn’t Amy. And though Amy was her best friend, Aria couldn’t help but wish she could be her, just for a day.

‘aria, you know I don’t think that’

‘why did you say it then?’

Carter was close to tears as he looked to the ground. His almost black hair flopped over his big, brown eyes.

‘I hate myself for doing that to you, I’m so sorry, Ri’ his eyes welled up as he quickly glanced at the scars on Aria’s arm.

‘Yeh I know. And you should be’, aria got angrier at his empty apology. It didn’t mean anything, he said it too much for it to mean anything anymore, but realising he was going to cause a scene, Aria stopped herself ridiculing him further.

‘And I forgive you. Now will you please stop apologising? And leave the James situation alone?’ Aria gave a timid smile, trying to get him to perk up again.

‘Okay’ he replied smiling reluctantly, ‘but if Jason hurts you ill smash him. You’re like a sister to me Ri’ he added.

‘He’s like twice the size of you bro’ aria chuckled, ‘and thanks bro’ she smiled as she mocked his gesture.

Carter chuckled along, ‘we’d better get to English, miss Riley is going to rape me when she finds out I didn’t hand in the journal task’

‘How many weeks is that now?’ aria rolled her eyes as she opened the door to the English class room.


*hey gorgeousJ how was school? xx*

*heey babe, alriight I guess, pre boring:/ u? xx*


Aria was shocked to see Amy standing beside her, her blonde hair blowing around in the wind. Aria could swear she was across the gazebo a few seconds ago.

‘Yeh’ Aria smiled thinking about just how lucky she was. ‘And guess what?’

‘What?’ Amy asked with mock enthusiasm, putting her hands on her hips, making aria smile at how cute she looked. Such a small girl, with such a big personality.

‘Well last night we were just texting as normal, the he had to go to bed so I was like, ‘okay babe, have a good sleep, love you’ Aria paused for a couple seconds thinking about his response, and the butterflies it gave her.

‘And he said ‘you too babe, night, love you too’’ aria held her breath waiting for Amy’s response.

‘that’s hell good’ Amy smiled in what appeared to be excitement, but something lingered in her blue-green eyes,’ but does he mean it the way you mean it?’

‘What do you mean?’

‘Well, he’s 16, Ri. It might not be a big deal for him’

At that point arias butterflies went away. Amy was right. Maybe he says that to everyone. He probably did, what with the amount of girl that must be chasing him. Hell, he probably talked to all girls how he talked to Aria.

‘True. Oh well, at least it’s something’ Aria looked at the ground, wishing said anything. Why did she get so excited over the stupidest things? So he said he loves her, it doesn’t mean anything. It’s not like he comes and sees her like other people tunes do. How could she be so pathetic?

‘Yeh…it probably did mean something, I’m just being pessimistic’ Amy added quickly. ‘And I have news of my own’ she grinned excitedly.

‘Oh, yeh? spill then.’ Aria grinned, grateful for the distraction.

‘Well, you know Olly Kalinotto?’

‘Yeh, he does surf club’ aria knew exactly where this was going. Olly was a bit of a ladies man, but he was one of those guys that are quite short and small, but they get all the girls anyway. Personally, aria didn’t see the attraction, but she let Amy finish.

‘well, I’m tuning him-sort of’

‘Sort of?’ Amy’s reluctance to be admit she liked the guy made aria chuckle.

‘Well, okay, we’re tuning. And he asked me to the movies on first Monday of holidays’ Amy bounced around with glee.

‘Awww that’s so cute, good for you’ aria felt genuinely happy for her, Amy had been alone for a while and it was starting to bring her down. Now they could both be happy.

‘Can you please come as well?’ Amy flashed a pleading grin.

‘I don’t know Amy, I’ll be a third wheel’ Aria didn’t like the thought of sitting awkwardly in the cinema, whilst Amy and Olly tried to discreetly snog.

‘Bring Jason?’ how aria wished she could. But Jason was going over to Victoria for the holidays to see his dad. This meant they couldn’t meet up. The thought of going on an actual date with him was just a dream. Sometimes it felt like all Aria was good for was talking. Like Jason didn’t want to see her in real life. He probably didn’t. After all, his brother, Alex, hated Aria. She didn’t know why, he just seemed to hate her. Jason probably didn’t want his brother to know about him and aria.

‘I can’t’ she sighed, ‘He’s going to Victoria for the holidays’

‘The whole holidays?’


‘What a dickhead’

‘Amy, you can’t call him a dickhead for going to see his dad’ aria sort of thought he was, though she would never say it out loud. But it’s his choice; she couldn’t do anything about it.


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