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There are a lot of things that are telling Ivy to run.

Her rapid breathing, that painful feeling in the pit of her stomach, the little voice in her head screaming for her to get away, her arms and legs uncontrollable trembling and that terrifyingly cruel gleam in his eye.

Yet, she doesn't, because of the one thing that is telling her that she has to stay, that she has to help.

That moment of hesitance just before the dog barks.

Submitted: June 29, 2013

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Submitted: June 29, 2013



Welcome to Bullworth Academy, where parents that just can't be bothered dump their 'challenged' offspring. Full of lunatics and psycho's it isn't exactly heaven on earth. In fact, a lot of us would say that we'd rather be living on the streets than be here.

But here we are, unable to leave the diabolical clutches of Crabblesnitch until we turn 16 when we can drop out, or, if we so wish, stay on. I was one of the few that decided to do the unthinkable, stay on. I knew that this place was a dump, I knew that the teachers were crap and the students were … Unpleasant but I wanted more from life than the trailer park down the road.

Ivy Evans, I had just turned sixteen in May and Halloween had just passed. Living in this hellhole, making it the best I could until the summer of my 18th.

I had managed, thus far, to go through my school life without being sucked into one of the cliques. Some people see it as a curse; I see it as a blessing. As many people just want to be noticed so they go along with whichever clique they suit whereas I just want to survive.

I was thinking this as I was casually watching some students fighting, blood and teeth spilling everywhere.

There they were, at it again, beating the life out of each other and who was in the middle of it all? Hopkins, of course. It would be abnormal for him not to be at the epicentre of every major school brawl. This time it was with the preps, he was doing surprisingly well considering that they all do boxing.

Left and right hooks being thrown about, most missing Jimmy but some landing and you could almost hear the crunch. Yes, for all their inbreeding has made them brainless it has also increased their physical skill, it seems, although it appears that this does not apply to Pinky, who is completely useless overall. For all the effort that the preps were putting in Jimmy was clearly going to come out on top, I find it hard to feel sympathy for them though, after what he did to the majority of Russell's faction you'd think they'd know better. Of course it may just be an overdose of ego crushing common sense.

If you're wondering where I was while observing this riveting primal display of manliness, I was sat atop the wall which surrounded the prep hideout. I had originally climbed up there to get away from some thick-headed bullies that had been chasing me. The bullies took one look at the battle before them and didn't think twice before turning around and running away, already had their dose of Hopkins' beatings. I saw them all beating chunks out of each other and decided to sit for a while, relax and watch, eating the chocolate which had popping candy that was in my pocket.

They hadn't noticed me yet, although it was becoming more doubtful that most of them would, seeing at they were dropping like flies at the merciless fists of Jimmy Hopkins. I chuckled as he sent one flying into a wall, a blur of obnoxious Aquaberry then splat, face first into brick and cement. I wondered why Hopkins did all this, standing up to the cliques… I knew something went down in the school basement with that Gary Smith guy but I didn't bother going, despite the efforts of Gary rounding everyone in the school up like sheep, it didn't seem like my kind of thing.

"Fascinating, isn't it?" I heard a voice below me say, I looked down to see the guy I was just thinking about. "To see gorilla's fight it out for dominance." He sniggered, I could tell there was something up with this guy – I mean, apart from the batshit crazy rumours about him and what happens when he'forgets' to take his medication – there was something in his eye, a look, a gleam, that told me he was trouble.

I jumped down from the wall, I was about half a foot in front of him and I had underestimated his height. He towered over me with that evil, demented look on his face that sent a cold shiver down my spine. I studied his face for a moment before saying anything, my eyes tracing the scar down his right eye, along his lips which created such a cruel grin and his chiselled jaw-line.

He was an interesting one, but I knew I couldn't allow myself to be intrigued by him, the feeling he gave me told me he was not one to be messed with.

"Fascinating to you maybe, I however, find it to be completely boring." I said not taking my stare off him, not giving in to the ever present screaming in my head to look away from him, in the fear he might knife me at any given moment. I was stubborn; I refused to let him know he intimidated me. This was something I knew he fed off other people.

He sniggered again. "Yes, to you, someone who it does not benefit in the slightest, it could be perceived as boring." I arched my eyebrows in surprise, this benefited him?

I looked back at the fight behind me, it was almost over, Jimmy was going to win. This confused me, I thought he hated Jimmy? Why would he like the fact he was winning in a fight? I looked back at him with an apparent confused expression on my face, this obviously amused him.

"This benefits you?"

"I wouldn't have bothered stirring up some shit to get them to fight otherwise." He wasn't looking at me anymore, he was observing the fight with an expression that told me that he enjoyed watching people suffer.

"I thought that Hopkins was the one causing all the trouble, but I guess I was wrong." I looked up at him, making no effort to hide my distaste for him. He didn't seem to care in the slightest.

"Yes, you were." Gary Smith was a very smug, sadistic character. I had never really interacted with him before this, I doubted I ever would – he seemed to have bigger fish to fry and that suited me down to the ground.

"Right, well, I'll leave you to your little project. Excuse me." I said, walking briskly past him, I could feel his eyes on me as I walked away, picking up the pace as the distance between us increased.

As I reached the centre fountain and turned the corner swiftly I involuntarily shuddered, his immense creepiness being able to reach me even here. I looked up from boring holes into the ground with my eyes in deep thought – mainly trying to think up how to keep myself as far away from that guy as humanly possible and noticed a prefect staring at me. The usual disgust painted on his face, identical to any prefect that came across a student breathing.

I gave him a quick glare before moving on, he shouted something back at me but I paid no attention, probably just something about me keeping my nose clean, I had heard it all before. I just focused on walking towards my dorm. That guy had some affect on people.

When I got to my dorm the only girl there was Beatrice. She had completed chemistry which was the last class of today earlier than everyone else so didn't need to go back to class unless she wanted to, she usually did which is why I was so confused to see her there.

"Hey Bea, why are you here and not at chemistry?" I took a glance at my watch and noticed that class had just started. She looked up from the book she was reading as she sat on the couch in our dorm.

"Oh, well, Dr. Watt's said that …" She suddenly looked very sheepish and couldn't look at me in the eye. I sat down next to her, shoving my shoes off with my feet.

"Yeah?" I pressed her for the rest of the story.

"I couldn't go back… Because I went too often." She went scarlet in the face. "He said that it wasn't normal and I had to go out and pursue hobbies, make friends… That sort of thing." I found it hard to control my laughter, but I did.

"You did just go during the chemistry period, right, Bea?"

"Um… Well, sometimes I would stay behind and keep Dr. Watt company." I couldn't help it, I let out a little snigger.

"Are you sure he saw it as 'company' and not you trying to come onto him?" Beatrice looked absolutely mortified and opened her mouth to say something, paused, closed it, and looked away, burying her face back into her book. "You weren't, were you?!" I gasped, horrified.

She remained silent for a few moments. "W-Well, Dr. Watt is a charming, intelligent, kind man – he noticed my aptitude for chemistry and rewarded it! I was sure… He could see the woman in me too…"

I turned to face straight ahead, my lips straining to keep the laughter back, eyes wide and barely breathing.

Beatrice is a lovely girl, really, she is, but sometimes some of the things she comes out with are just… Just…. Too much.

"Oh dear Bea, so, no more extra credit chemistry classes for you." I chuckled, closing my eyes and resting my head on the back of the sofa.

"Why aren't you in chemistry, Ivy? I thought you were still on the first section of the course!" I stared at her, expressionless.

"Yes. I know." The reason I didn't mind skipping chemistry was because I found it to be the most frustratingly challenging subject, ever. "I uh, bumped into that Gary Smith guy and he kinda freaked me out, I didn't feel like going to class after that." I said truthfully.

"Oh! He didn't hurt you, did he?!" Beatrice squealed.

"No, no. I had been watching this fight between Jimmy and these preps and-"

"Oh no! Is Jimmy hurt?! Should I go out and nurse his wounds?!" Beatrice got flustered and panicky, continued to twitter on about how she felt an obligation to go out and care for him seeing as they had this 'connection.' I knew I had lost her and just let her go on with her little fantasy. I tuned out about a minute in and started to think about everything. As I usually did.

This school, full of psycho's and bullies. How I dreamed and yearned for graduation in two years' time, then shoving the middle finger up at Crabblesnitch as I sauntered out the gates – never to return! Although, I supposed there would be quite a queue for that honour, so I would have settled for sneaking a few stink bombs in Hattrick's desk.

I could drop out of course, I was 16 and could if I wanted but going to Bullworth Academy and surviving looks pretty great on a CV – especially if you stuck out until the end. They also give pretty good qualifications from this place, for all that most of the teachers were crappy they made up for it by making the end of year exams piss easy as well. Which was a bonus.

I wanted to get somewhere in life, I didn't want to end up like most of these creeps would, sitting up in Blue Skies Industrial Park in their trailer, drinking beer and doing nothing. That was not going to be me.

After about 20 minutes realising that Beatrice was now going into some detail about what she imagined giving Jimmy a bed bath would be like I gave her some excuse about homework and left the dorm, feeling filthy and unable to get the image of Jimmy's apparently 'muscular thighs lost in a forest of manly hair' out of my head.

That statement haunts me even today.

Thanks for reading! This is the first story I have ever put up on the internet so I am really excited about it. Please leave me feedback, good or bad - it's all helpful!

Thanks again!


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