asking for a sign from a friend to show they still care and are there!


I stayed up the whole of last night

waiting for a sign,

just one indication, that,

everything is fine.


A text, a call, anything!

would make it so much easier,

taking away all the worry,

the agony of which is killing me.


I know not why you're angry,

I know not why this is so,

I need just one sign,

to let it all go.


But all i get is stony silence,

it continues on as the days pass

a reason of which i know not

keeping us apart.


A million thoughts invaded my mind

possible reasons for what it could be

but none seemed plausible enough


you were never that way with me.


I hoped for an explanation,

a reassurance,

a friendly smile,

but all i got was a stony silence

for reasons i know not.


It started off quite normally,

a harmless friendship

which deeloped quite fast

we found a connection,

a spark!.


I was pulled out of my sadness,

the void in my life filled

with happiness that overwhelmed me,

I felt like I would explode.


Your friendship and care healed my heart,

removed all traces of scars

providing me with a reason to hope,

that now everything in my life 

will turn out right.


from not being able to trust anyone,

i let myself trust you

i finally opened up my mind 

to accept a person who was one of a kind.


but then one day it all changed,

like a flash of lightening 

across the sky,

it shook the very foundation

of what we had built.


i had not an inclination

of what was about to occur,

how was i to realise 

that you would misinterpret the situation.


now here i am,

lost and confused. 

i sit here helpless

as i watch the friendship slip away

knowing not what i have done 

to deserve this

i guess it was too good to be true.


i look out now 

at the cloudy sky,

looking for a ray of sunshine

a chance to begin all over again.


i'm waiting for a sign,

and explanation,

an indication,

that everything will be fine.

Submitted: December 09, 2011

© Copyright 2023 Namrata. All rights reserved.

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Stormbird Throneshaker

And was it? If not, it still gets an (I LIKE IT) from me.

Sat, December 7th, 2013 6:20pm

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