Echoes of the Old Age

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic
My first shot at shot at a short story. it's about the desparate fight for the last bastion of goodness, and one young man's hate of war. An orc army has begone the siege of the city known as Katheth and the rag-tag miltia of the city must be prepard to hold at all costs. namu after running from it all his life must finally use his great swordmanship skills to fight and become the goodly races last hope for freedom and From foul creatures of the dark.
Hope you enjoy part 1 part 2 coming soon

Submitted: July 29, 2007

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Submitted: July 29, 2007



Echoes of the Old Age by: Will Drake


Part 1: Battle at the gates






The storm moved in destroying everything in its path nothing stood before it. I know what you're thinking a hurricane or tornado but this was actually a storm of a different kind, it was the Orc army of the north hungering for conquest and blood. They ripped though settlement after settlement killing those who stood to fight and enslaving those who ran, soon they approached the shining south cities stood in the barbarians way but still the where relentless in there destruction. This is the story of Namu Blade a man of 21 who could outfight most other swordmasters and his battle at the final strongpoint of the goodly races against the Orcan army.



Namu emerald eyes looked out over the bay of Kaleth, his black cloak whipped out behind him in the sea breeze.

"This is it Namu" Namu turned to see Leka, she was an elvan friend of his. "We stand on the brink of destruction will the only hero we have left rise up and do what is needed of him"

"There's no choice anymore is there" Namu said as he looked out at the sea and setting sun again "I can't run from the blood or screams anymore"

Leka placed a hand on his shoulder "for the good of goodly folk"

Namu smiled and nodded.


As the new day began you could see the last army of goodly folk standing ready. Humans, dwarfs, and elf have stood side by side all racial tension lost in the threat of a greater foe. 6,000 soldiers stood ready not in the gleaming armor a pennants but in whatever they could find dirty leather to Mithril plate armor it was a rag-tag force at best and seemed to stand little chance against the highly organized and motivated Orcan army, But they had one thing to there advantage they were desperate and when there's nothing to lose but everything to gain they were willing to stand and die if need be.

The Orc's crested the Ridge there coiled Viper pennant waving in the air. The ranks were formed and there were battering rams and siege towers placed strategically between them.

The calm before the storm Namu thought as he felt a soft breeze blow by.

A war cry echoed from the Orcan ranks and they surged forward.

"And so it begins" Namu whispered

"Yes" Leka replied equally quiet next to him

"Knock bows" came the cry from the commander

The Army of Kaleth ready there arrows for flight. The Orcs were thundering in almost within range. Namu aimed for the center of one formation to increase his chances of hitting

"Fire!" Cried the Commander.

Arrows streaked out from the walls of Kaleth slamming into the front rank of orcs many fell in that volley but many more replaced them and continued the charge toward the wall

"Continuing fire" The commander screamed as Streaked forth whistling softly

"Sir" said a soldier to Namu

"What" Namu Said?

"Siege tower approaching our position"

"Light fire arrows and aim for that siege tower men, Burn it to the ground"

20 streaked from Namu's position to slam into the tower but the wood would not catch and the orcs quickly tossed water down the side of the tower to douse the flames.

"Ready more arrows" Namu cried but he realized the tower was to close they would risk the city if they burnt it now. "Draw swords"

The wall shuddered has the siege tower impacted with it and the ramp began to fall. Namu charged he was the first to meet the stream of orcs coming through the siege tower. He was a whirlwind of destruction his blades whirling every which way cutting down Orc after Orc. His emerald eyes burned with an inner fire

No more running Namu thought time to do my duty

His soldier's experts that they were, where spurred on to greater heights seeing the way Namu was fighting. Soon the tide of Orcs was pushed back to the tower were they held them

Namu breathing heavily stepped back to survey how the rest of the battle was going. He saw that many more siege towers had reached the walls and orcs were charging though but they were being held barley though.

A shudder coursed though the wall, and Namu slipped to one knee on the blood stained stone.

"Namu" Yelled Leka her own unit following close behind "The battering ram is at the gate, they will break through we need you down there"

"I can't I have to hold this tower" Namu said pointing at the tower.

"Me and my kin will hold the wall" she said nodding to the 30 or so elves behind her

Namu nodded "Come Crimson thorns we are needed else were"

His soldiers quickly fell in line and before the orcs could take advantage of the situation Leka's unit hit the orcs with a vengeance.

"Did we lose anyone" Namu asked one of his liutentents.

"One sir Dunkin"

Namu nodded but he was broken up inside

Another man dead under my command he thought

The Thorns ran quickly there footsteps echoing in the empty streets as they made there way towards the gate. The gate was shuddering when they apporched with many cracks appearing on the wooden surface.

"Stand fast" Namu cried "Shields in front archers behind"

The door shudderd again and a small hole appeared in it. Namu, face grim placed an arrow in his bow and took Dunkin's place in line. The door shook a final time then gave way. In stormed 5 huge creatures. They stood 9 feet tall, you couldn't see there skin for they were covered head to toe in black metal armor. They each held a huge war club that was covered in spikes.

"Ogres" Namu heard somebody cry

"You are the Crimson Thorns, Stand Fast!" Namu cried as he fired his bow at the lead ogre.

Namu saw the rest of his archers fallow suit and his shields reset there line to compensate for the new threat. The ogres continued to charge though not daunted by the Bloody rose that was the emblem of the crimson thorns. The ogres met the Thorns and two of them were dead before they could even dodge.

One ogre fell as all the archers aimed for him.

"Keep the lines tight watch for orcs" Namu yelled

Namu needn't worry about the orcs though for they were afraid to get caught in the back swing of the ogres. The crimson thorns fought desperately and their blades tasted ogre flesh but he beast where to powerful and by the time they had felled two half the crimson thorns were down.

"fall back" Namu shouted his blades literally dripping in blood "fall back to the second position" He then grabbed one of his men and said "Find commander radick tell him the gate is lost and we need reinforcements to take it back." Namu then turned to face the last two ogres

"Come fell the sting of my blades" He shouted above the rising din of battle as orcs began to pour through the gates

Both the ogres growled and charge, there clubs held high in the air. One fell though an arrow in its eye from now and Namu had a chance to look up to see Leka smiling at him. He nodded his thanks and charges the final ogre who was still stunned from his suddenly dead companion.

Slashing his blades he cut into the armor of the ogre but was barely able to penetrate it. Easily dodging a lumbering swing from the ogres club he dashed back in cutting at the ogre's unprotected feet. The creature howled in agony and stumbled away crushing a few orcs in its attempt to get away from Namu and his sting blades. Instead of pursuing though Namu fell flat on his face and a wave of arrows passed over head from the Crimson thorns new positions. Striking home the arrows pieced the ogre in multiple places including the lining of its heart. The creature let out a great cry and fell dead on the ground.

"Sir" shouted one of the Thorns to Namu

Namu looked over to see him gesturing and Namu ran trying to get back to the second line of defense and make another stand. The orcs were right behind him though there gap toothed snarling visage dogging his every step. But he reached the low wall that the Crimson Thorns were behind and began to leap over. As he was in mid-air an Orc arrow slammed into his shoulder propelling into a spin and he landed with a dull thump as his head hit a rock and he fell into blackness.

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