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It is all about my love story, how I got into it on first day of my college. Lots of troubles came in my life but finally my love gave me a beautiful life now and further.

Submitted: July 11, 2013

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Submitted: July 11, 2013



That was my first day of college and I was thrilled by the atmosphere of it. Till that day, I, Namy was a very simple and sophisticated girl but since that particular day, I was overwhelmed by the freedom I got and the life I would be going to enjoy, unaware of horrible truth of life. I got my new hostel, new friends, new dreams, new surprises, new life.....

On the first day of my college, I went to my class of Electrical Engineering with my new hostel friend Akki. We both were in same class, so we became very good friends just in a few days. I met five other girls in class. We all were introducing ourselves with each other. Suddenly our lecturer came into our class and he introduced himself. Then he took introduction of each and every student one by one.

During that introduction, I noticed a very sweet and simple boy. His eyes were like deep blue sea, so truthful, so innocent, so loving...... in which any girl can swim like a water fairy. His lips were so pink, so soft and supple. He was slim and a real cute boy. His name was Shubh. I saw him again and again, but could not speak a single word in front of him, hoping for a friendship hand from his side, but he did not seem to take any interest in girls.

Days passed and we were still not friends. I was busy with my studies and my other friends, so was he. One day I was sitting in my class, studying with Akki. Suddenly I saw Shubh talking and giggling with a girl of our class. His smile was heart throbbing but when I saw him with other girl, I became very sad. I decided just to study and nothing else since then.

After few days, our lecturer appointed me and Shubh as Class Representatives. After the lecture was over, he asked us to collect registers of his subject from all students and bring to his office. That was the first day Shubh talked to me. I was feeling like heaven from inside for that moment. We became good friends just in a few days. It was a way to my dream coming true. My days were restless and my nights were sleepless. I was in LOVE, hoping for a Love proposal from Shubh every next day of my life.

My happiness was at its peak, but I was unaware about the disastrous realities of life. In every relationship, fights happen, same was ours. One day we fought upon something. I was very sad, hoping that he will come and we will sort out everything but a girl came to me and said, ”Shubh was saying that Namy came to me for friendship, so why should I go to her now? If she wishes, she would come again”.

I was like dead hearing that. I tried to hate him since then but could not do it. I changed my seat, which was initially near Shubh’s seat. Shubh was a very shy guy, so he did not ask me anything. I showed everyone that I hate him but somewhere at the corner of my heart, love was still there. We did not talk for months.

I was getting out of it with time. One day our lecturer told us to do an assignment. After the class was over, I was standing at the door of my class, waiting for Akki. Suddenly Shubh came to me and asked for help in assignment. I said, “Why are you coming now when you did not bother for our friendship few days before?” He asked me why was I angry? I told him everything and asked why he said so? He told me that he had said nothing, the other girl was lying. Finally we sorted out everything and were friends again.

I was really happy that day. Since then, we were like best friends. We used to sit in college canteen for hours after the classes were over and share our secrets with each other. Every teacher and student was thinking that we were in relationship but till then, it was nothing like that. We got more and more familiar with each other, shared so many secrets which even our parents do not know about us till date.

When girls move out of their homes, they face a lot of problems, in which boys problem is the major one. The same happened with me. My mobile number spread among boys. Every next day, some boy used to call and say crap. I was fed up of all that and was really scared, because that was the first time I faced so much trouble. Till then, my parents were always there between me and my problems.

That time Shubh was with me at every second of my life.  He fought with his friends who were the source of my trouble. No one else was with me at that time. I could not tell my parents all about it. Even Akki left me for her roommate. I was in depression. Shubh always tried to make me happy in every condition. He noticed that something was in my mind, which I was not able to tell him. So he made a plan.

One day, he asked me to bunk the classes and reach a particular place, few kilometres away from our college. There he met me and asked me to come with him. I walked along with him, without asking, where are we going? He asked, “Namy, don’t you worry where I would take you?” I said, “No ways, I trust you more than myself”. He smiled and took me to a place where he proposed me. I was waiting for that day since my first day of college. But I could not react that much due to my depression.

Shubh helped me to get out of my depression and pushed me towards studies and his love, and forget about everything else. He gave me so much love, care and respect that I forgot every single sorrow of my life with time. He always tried to make my each and every dream come true. And then on Valentine day, he took me to market and there he purchased a red rose and gave it to me at market place in front of thousands of people. Then we came back near my college hostel. The rose was in his hand. He suddenly stopped and proposed me in the college ground, knees down, offering me the rose, asking, “Will you be my valentine forever?” And then he gave me a hug.

At that moment, it was like my heart stopped beating. We both were shivering. Lots of students were playing in the ground, labours were working here and there due to construction work going on, and that shy guy proposed me in front of that entire crowd. I could not believe for some time that it is all true. He went to his home and I moved towards my hostel with that rose, which I kept in water for many days on my study table, till it became dry.

Now we have completed our college and carrying on with our different jobs at different places, but still our love is there in our hearts. That rose is fully dry, still present in my diary and will be with me till the last breadth of my life. Now we both are trying to settle in our lives so that we can settle down with each other, as soon as possible.

Life is really unpredictable. I never have expected that one day I will live for that person whom I hated the most once. And when we were in love during college days, I was terribly afraid that how I will survive without Shubh when the college will be over. But now, I am doing both of these things at my best, talking with him just ones a day, for three to five minutes, at maximum.

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