One day you will be........

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Thrillers  |  House: Booksie Classic
A family, a day, and a dream that will never come true.

Submitted: November 16, 2010

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Submitted: November 16, 2010



Once spent time there was a litter girl, she was about 7 almost 8, her dark brown hair falls to hers shoulders which complement her big brown eyes, she was fighting the tears that are wanting to fall down her chocoholic cream skin because today, she knows that when her parents come out of the courtroom, they wouldn't be a family anymore, she wasn't sure how feel about it; happy to not hear their fights or sad because she have to live two lifes.

Hours later, the little girl and her father sit in a park close to what it used to be their home. "Baby girl, you know I will always love you, right?" He wanted her to know that no matter what happen between her mother and him, he could love her.

"Yes, dad I know" the little girl give him a sad smile, unable to content the tears any longer "I love you too" she said crying

The father holds his child in his hand and looks at the sky

“One day you will fly,

One day you will be somebody big,

One day you will stop crying,

One day you will have a family, one that isn’t brooked like ours,

One day you will be accept and respect in society

One day, just have to wait and see….” The father was rudely interrupt be his child

 Bullshit , I’m not going to wait,

I going to fly today,

I’m going to be somebody big today,

I’m going to love the family I have today because believe or not our family isn’t broken it just need a little work,

I don’t need to be accept because I unique and I love it,

I going to gain respect inset of dreaming for it,

I’m not going to promise you that I wouldn’t cry along the way but if I do, it will be with dignity”

The father look at his not-so-little-girl with awe “how?” was the only thing he could say, the little girl glaze at her father with pure happiness. “Well that is simple, I’m not going to look at the past or future, I going to look at the only thing I can look at; the present

“Ohh” was his respond, he was think that his little girl will not need him from now and on

“Dad I will always need you” she say like reading his mind “Always”

Five years later, the same man is standing in the hospital trying to ingest what the doctor has told him. His daughter is death. His little girl had killed herself. He could not understand how or why. But he felt like it was his entire fault, that he didn’t give her enough time or maybe money, he sits in one of the unconformable chairs of the hospital, staring blanking at the wall, thinking what he did wrong. “Sam” was small voice called him, for some reason he thought that may his little girl came back but soon realizing it was his ex-wife he when back to stared blacking at the wall.

“You know it wasn’t your fault, right?” she said

“Yes it is”

She sight. She knew that it wouldn’t matter if she said it wasn’t his fault because the man was headstrong just like her daughter. She sits next to him and hand him an envelope “what is this?” he ask, giving her small glaze

“The police found it in her room, it like her goodbye note” looking at her hands “It has your name on it, so I thought you should read it first”

Sam took a deep breath and start reading a loud so she could hear too.

“Dear dad,

I guess by the time you read this I could be death. I know, I know you are probably disappoint at me but I couldn’t do it anymore and no couldn’t talk to you or anybody about because I didn’t have hope any more. Dad, daddy, I’m sorry. Do you remember the day you and mommy divorces, the day I told you my plans- well all when wrong, I’m not going to fly, I’m not going to be somebody big, I’m not going to be accept by anybody, I loss all respect for myself and I cry every time I disappointed you”

By now the old man tears that he was holding start to flowing down.

“But the only thing that kept me going was the love from my family, unfortunately it wasn’t enough. I love you dad and, I really do. And please don’t be said because I may not be physically with you but I’m in your heart forever, please tell mom that I love her and to be happy with her new husband and you too, be happy for me. This isn’t goodbye, this is farewell because I promise you, I’d see you again

- Love Tracey”

“I love you too” the old man whispered like she could hear him and he knew she did.
Author's note:
Hello! Thank you for reading and tell me what you think by the way it was suppose to be a poem but it didn’t fit well. anyway thanks for reading.

© Copyright 2020 nana300. All rights reserved.

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