A Magicians tales chapter6

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Submitted: October 17, 2012

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Submitted: October 17, 2012



Chapter 6

While traveling Abertex asked Alisha “what are the elves like”?

She neighed gently and said “there is no word to describe them,” “magical or mysterious would be a good word for them but they are much more then that.” “I would have begun my training there if it hadn’t been for Mera” she said bitterly

I am sorry about that he said

“That’s alright at least the elves allow me to come and see them anytime I feel like it” . “I have already told the queen about you and she will be waiting to great you at the entrance with the guards” she said softly.

They soon came to a large oak tree with large leafy branches “open softly”, she said the tree magically stared to move until it gave way to a passage in the forest they stepped in the forest together and were transported to a fairytale world. Trees served as housing, strange birds and animals scurried about their business and in the mist of this stood an accent oak that served as the queens headquarters and there by the oak stood the Queen in long white flowing robes with a white swan feather robe tied with a white diamond brooch. Black hair up to her heals, blue black eyes and on her head a thin silver band. Besides her were two blurry elves but even they seemed beautiful and graceful. Behind the queen stood 15 old long silver haired elves in long purple robes and behind them in the distance there were old and young elves looking on to see what would happen. Finally after a long silence the Queen spoke

“welcome young wizard Abertex and young witch Aleasha we hope your stay here will be pleasant while you practice and train for battle”!

Abertex said “thank you your highness for your hospitality and kindness in offering to train us.” “I am honored to be taught by elves”.

The queen nodded and said “we have been waiting for this day when someone would be willing to stand up to Mera now the day has come.” “But do not disappoint us.” “we have hope and we would like to see it come to pass.”

Abertex said “I will do my best to not let you down”!

“Good” said the Queen “then we shall all do are part to make your stay pleasant “.Now” she said “Alex here will show you were you can wash and change”.

A young long haired black haired elf came up to him and said “right this way please” He took him to a tree which had been made so it would fit one person comfortably.

Abertex thanked him and drifted off to sleep dreaming of a beautiful girl with large blue eyes and white blond hair down to her knees

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