Chapter 2 a single door

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Chapter 2 the single door.

Submitted: February 07, 2013

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Submitted: February 07, 2013



Chapter 2

It was already two weeks after the event of the liquid man and things were back normal or as normal as things could be in this town. Lisa had come back to work and the store was running again.

Anna was staying closer to her store now that the robbery had taken place as she did not want another money theft. Friday night came around and Lisa went home early to be with her family.

Jessie had a date with Tommy whose family was half elfish and Rose was having a sleepover with a friend from school. Anna closed up the store and started walking toward home when suddenly something lifted her off the ground by the hair and carried her five meters down the road.

She tried to turn her head to see who it was but he was masked and all in black and the thing was he wasn’t even holding her his hand was flat against her head and she was stuck to him like a magnet ! Suddenly he let go and she flew across the road she shut her eyes knowing the lading was going to hurt but as luck would have it she landed in a clump of bushes and then fell on the side walk that itself was painful and she knew she ether broke or bruised a few ribs. She lay there for five minutes before she heard a voice a deep voice but kind she tried to look up but all she saw was his shadow.

He asked her if she was alright ?” No I;m horrible.”” I saw what happened let me help you to the hospital”. She was too weak to protest and passed out. When she woke up Chief Henry was carrying her in his arms !”Chief”!! “Its alright I have you try not to move you broke a few ribs”. “

Where is the man who found me” ? “Who”? “The man who found me.” “I was on the sidewalk when he told me he had seen what had happened and was taking me to the hospital.”

“Anna when we found you you were not on the sidewalk you were on the road in plain view of everyone.” “There was no one there and if you were on the sidewalk no one would have found you”. “Its much to dark to see anything there”. “Oh” ! “Tell me Anna, do you remember what happened”?

“Slightly I remember I was picked up by someone who only held me by flattening his hand against my head like a magnet then he threw me” !”Did you see his face”? “No it was all masked up”.

Henry shook his head “this cant continue to go on”. “We cant just sit around and wait for the next murder or injury to happen we need to ask for help.” “It is time we go to the white lands” .

“But the curse made the gate way treacherous”. “We must do it, it is a risk we must take and you will lead the expedition” ! “ Me!” “But why me”? “Because you are the wisest and most mature of the young ones here.” “You will chose four more to go with you and set off first thing when you recover”.

I nodded my head not having the will or the strength to argue also because I knew he was right.

We couldn’t go on this way our town had lost to much from this curse and we had to do something about It. We needed help and the only place we could go to get that help was the white lands where the fairy’s elf’s wizards giants white wolfs and so many more magical creatures lived.

I had lost so much. Mother and father died when they dream t there wost nightmares in the world.

No more walks in the woods. It was overrun by bog monsters, giant spiders, and ware wolfs and vampires. And the streets were crawling with horrible creatures right out of peoples imagination.

This could not go on and I only wished it didn’t have to be me who led this expedition .

As my thoughts wondered I asked myself this one question “had I really imagined that voice and shadow of the man who found me and if so was I delirious or going mad “? That question plagued my mind as I tried to sleep .The next morning I woke to see Jessie and Rose next to my bed .

Behind them was Tommy Jessie’s boyfriend he was tall and lean and 17 with steel blue eyes and white


blond hair tied in a pony tale to his shoulders. I smiled at all of them and said “I am fine the doctors say I can be out in a weeks time.” After I get out there is something I need to talk to all three of you about .The three of them nodded hearing the seriousness in my voice. “Good, good”, Keep the shop running while I am here and don’t forget to pay Lisa her wages at the end of the week” .

“I wont I promise” said Jessie “good now let me rest I have to get better by the end of this week”.


They all left and Anna began thinking hard who would be brave enough and strong enough to come on this expedition with her and what was she going to do about Rose? She could not come with her.

Who would watch her? She could let her stay with the chief …..Hummm. She would ask her when the time came and about her recruits. She would take Tommy and Jessie they were both strong and brave .

As to the others she still had to think on it and she did every day thinking hard who would they be who would be brave and strong enough?

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