chapter 2 Sometimes love is tragic

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic
Chapter 2 of sometimes love is tragic.

Submitted: October 11, 2012

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Submitted: October 11, 2012



Chapter 2


The next morning the house was still quite when I woke up it was 8:00 most of the house would not be awake until 11:00. But I was an early riser and Nana was used to my schedule. I like taking morning walks before Breakfast.Iit usual took me awhile to walk because I had to walk slow and the doctors told me I was not to run ,

I decided this morning that I would ride Jenna my horse .

So after dressing for ridding I made my way down stairs and went out the back to the stables

To my dismay I saw William was there. I suddenly remembered he was also an early riser and loved to ride his horse in the early morning.

I tried to sneak out without him seeing me but I was never good at sneaking. He turned and looked at me with a small smile on his face . that smile made my heart do a back flip. I said in a unsteady voice,“Before you say some insulting remark to me I will leave and come back later when you are gone” .

I turned to leave and he said “I just wanted to say good morning to you”.


I stopped and turned to look at him, this was not what I had expected at all .He seemed sincere. There was no hint of teasing or joking. I didn’t know what to make of this so I left quickly. He caught up to me taking my hand as he said "the doctors told you not to run".


His hand covered mine perfectly his was warm against my cold hand hand. Bad circulation in my hands and feet. So his hand felt warm and nice. He looked down at me and smiled as he said “I will be gone soon. You don’t have to leave”.

There was something in the way he smiled he seemed friendly and at the same time pleading. I didn’t understand him nor did I want to. I looked away from his clear green eyes that were filled with something I could not understand. But it sent a warm shiver up my spine. He let my hand go and walked up to his horse then mounting it with one swift leap he rod of into the fields.


I stared after him wondering what had just taken place and not understanding any of it. Then I too mounted my horse with the help of a brick and rod off into the fields .The opposite way of the way he had gone.


I rode at a steady pace through the fields until I came to the Lilly pound. I stopped here to rest a moment and sat on the soft grass and watched the pond and the frogs hope by.

I said "I wonder if there is a prince hiding there amongst all you ugly frogs" .

"And if there is do I have the courage to kiss any one of you" ?

A voice behind me almost made me squeak


 ”I wouldn’t." "I have felt a frog before they are very slimy”.

I turned to look at William with an annoyed look on my face..

“This is my privet place I would prefer it if you did not disturb me”.

“I think I will stay, just to make sure you don’t go and kiss one of the frogs”.


“I certainly wont with you here”. “Why do you have to come and ruin everything for me all the time”.


“It’s a habit I cant seem to get rid off”


“Well you can try to leave me alone.”  “I would prefer not to fight with you on this day or any day while you are here so you can at lest try not to get in my way”.


I stood up and started walking back to my horse.


“Would it help if I said I was sorry for the things I did before”


“Sorry its going to more then a simple sorry to repair the damage you have done”




“I am not telling you and don’t talk to me your voice brings back memories I want to forget”



I sat by the pound watching her ride off. I felt horrible and I knew I had no one but myself to blame but what could I do? She did not care to talk with me very well I would do other things for her suttle things and if it went well by the end of the holidays We would at most become friendly with each other. It was a fantasy to hope for more.

I knew she loved those fairy tales and her favorite was beauty and the beast.

I always loved that one and now I thought of myself as the Beast.

She was my beauty and I had to wine her over before the last petal from the rose fell.

Metaphorically speaking of course.




I got back to the house and sat. Around 10:30 I decided to walk for another hour in the woods to calm down. After my meeting with William by the Lilly pond I had worked myself up into a frenzy. He always made fun of me for my little fantasies and it seemed he was still up to it.

But I didn’t want him to ruin my birthday so I headed to the woods. 

I loved the woods the quietness, the birds, the smell of fresh leaves and moss and the peacefulness of it all . I waited until I was sure I was alone then I began to dance and frolic letting my inner frustrations out I laughed out loud at the freedom I felt.


I came to the small trickling stream that ran through the forest and sat on an old oak stump. I sat and just listened to the tricking sound of the stream.


As I sat I thought William had been acting strangely since he came. He usually never spoke to me unless it was to crack a joke and he never apologized for anything. But he had done so twice already and he had said good morning to me too.

He must still be in shock from the episode or he probably is still tired from the journey or some other logical explanation.


I don’t know how long I sat there but suddenly the sky grew dark and drops of water began splashing through the forest. Rain! My lest favorite type of weather. It just had to rain today. I got up and quickly made my way back walking as fast as I could without running. It started to thunder! I had always been afraid of thunder lightning too and they were both coming down.

The forest was an hour away from the estate and I was soaked and scared. My heart jumping each time thunder rumbled.

I felt like crying I was so scared

Then when I thought I would died of fright a carriage pulled up the driver was wearing water prof cloths and the door opened and I was pulled inside the warm carriage.

I had just enough time to wipe my eyes and warm myself a bite then I looked up and groaned. It was William! I should have expected that much. I usually never get what I ask for. He handed me a towel and blanket and I dried and rapped myself up.

“I had just gotten back when it began to rain I knew you were somewhere in the woods and knew you wouldn’t get back in time so I got the carriage and came after you”


“How did you know I hadn’t returned were you spying on me”?

“No the butler said you hadn’t come back”.


"Oh"! I let out a sneeze !

“I hope you are not getting sick on the day of your birthday”

“Oh no I don’t think so I will be fine” and I let out another sneeze


He looked at me for a moment then got up from his seat and came to where I was sitting.Taking the blanket from me he wrapped it around himself then to my shock he  picked me up he place me on his lap then rapped the blanket around us both!


I looked at him with horror I had never before been this close to any mans body and that it was Williams arms rapped around me  horrified me more. But he was warm and I felt better so I did not try to get free.

We sat like that in silence till we got to the house then he picked me up still rapped in the blanket which was now warm with his body heat and took me into the house calling for a hot bath and clean cloths .

"I can make it from here thank you", 

He put me down I was surprised he showed no sign of strain he must be very strong to be able to lift me without strain .Still with the blanket rapped around me I made my way up the stairs.  As I took my bath I could not get the image of what had just happened out of my head. William had held me on his lap with his arms around my waist and carried me into the house. He had taken the trouble to come and look for me in the rain instead of sending someone else.

He had changed. But he was probably just being nice. After all when I was younger the only thing he ever was nice to me about was thunder storms when that happened he would give me big cotton chunks to stuff in my ears so I wouldn’t hear anything that was the only nice thing he ever did for me.

And he probably didn’t have any cotton with him so he did the next best thing distract me with his handsome manliness and it worked amazingly enough.


I was close enough to smell him. He smelled of rain and sweat and he was so warm. You see with me I am very bad at absorbing heat on my own especially my nose my cheeks my hands and my feet so he was like a hot water bottle to me .


But I knew it was only because of the thunderstorm that he was being nice. Once the thunderstorm stopped he would go back to being horrid but I always sort of liked him on these days because he was a perfect gentleman if no one else was watching.


After I cleaned dried and dressed myself I asked Nana for a hot water bottle for my feet she went to prepare it and I waited under my bed covers I always felt cold during storms.


There was a knock at the door I thought it was Emma and Rachael after all it was already 1:00. So I said come in to my shock it was William.

I groaned "what do you want"?


"Just came to see how you were." "And I brought these for you" .


He handed me from his pocket two big cotton balls I smiled "you remembered"!


"Of course I never forgot." "I just couldn’t give them to you while you were wet".


I reached out to take them and my hand brushed lightly against his as I did.


He inhaled deeply and I tried to think of something to say but just then Nana came in with the water bottle and I breathed a sigh of relief.

William bowed and left the room as quickly as he had come in.


“So he is still nice to you on rainy days” I see said Nana ,


“That’s right I wish every day would be rainy then he would be nice to me every day


“If only” said Nana helping me put the water bottle at the bottom of my bed ..


Then Emma and Rachel came in followed by David Shaw they asked me if I was sick and I told them no then I told them about my adventure with William and showed them the cotton balls and we all had a laugh

Why is it that he is so nice to you on days like this asked David curiously


“He never told you”?


“Well it is an interesting story I think you would like it”.

“Tell me” “OK but if he decides  to tell you don’t give away that you know already he is very sensitive about this topic”.

“I promise”.


“Ok well it all started before his parents died in the fire when he was 8” .

“That day he told us he became afraid of all natural forces of nature and so when he came here and found out Jolie was also afraid of thunderstorms like himself he decided to keep her with him whenever there was a storm and it worked”. “Every time a storm came they would hide in her room and stuff cotton up there ears” ,

“He eventually grew out of his fear of storms but she never did but he never teased her about it and always gave her the cotton on the days with storms”.


“That’s nice” said David “that’s such a sweet story but I don’t think I will ever here it from his mouth he will probably be to embarrassed to tell me”


All the girls nodded “so are we still on for tonight’s dance”?


“Most defiantly”.


“Good then I will leave you lady’s alone to do whatever it is that you ladies do”.


And with a bow he left the room.


“Isn’t he a dream” said both Emma and Rachael together.


I nodded my head and sighed "If only my dream man could be real" I thought sadly .





  The evening party was getting closer and closer and I still could not get the feeling of her out of my head cold and shivering as she snuggled closer to my chest for a moment forgetting all her hatred toward me and just letting herself be warmed.

But I suppose I should not be to happy after all she knew or thought she knew the real reason why I was being nice to her on this day .


I smiled as I remembered that she had smiled at me when I gave her the cotton it was a smile I would cherish forever and hope to see again in the future.


 Time went by slowly for me I wondered about the house while the rain poured down I played billiards with David and checked on some business papers and letters


Then as I was walking in the hall I saw our physician come down the steps from upstairs he greeted me politely and when I asked what he was doing here he sad he had come to give Jolie a refill on her medication.


I knew from letters written to me from Aunt Caroline that Jolie had started taking medication to control her episodes.

 She still had to be careful about what she did but the medication made it happen less often .

I asked the doctor if there was any chance of Jolie recovering from this he told me straight out the only thing he could do was make it happen less but he could not guarantee it would go away completely.


I thanked him for his help then went up to my own room to prepare for the evening and wondering what I could do .




I looked in the mirror at my reflection Emma and Rachael had done my hair in elaborate curls hanging down my head and done a little makeup on my face.

The dress was sleeveless with a crisscrossed open back and a dark blue color and matching elbow lengthen gloves


You look gorgeous said Emma smiling at me as if I was some completed project she had done.

Both she and Rachel were wearing creamy white ball gowns matching like mine there blond hair also done up in ringlets of curls and they had a lot more makeup on then I did.

I smiled sweetly "thank you both so much but you both know what you see is all an elision."

"A little."  "But mostly it is you come on lets not keep our guests waiting" .


We left the room and walked down the stairs the three of us holding hands.


The place was packed. I recognized a few of them they usual showed up at parties held at this place.

 There was Lord Fredrick and his sister Lady Anna and there parents. Friends of my parents Lord and Lady Ronald.


Sir Edward and his son Henry and his sister Evangeline old friend of Lord Woodman.


Edward ,Richard and Frank. Williams best friends and showed up weather invited or not.

Mary, Kate, and Beth. Emma and Rachael’s best friends who were my friends because I lived at the Woodlands.

And a host of other people. Middle aged and young.


Everyone stopped what they were doing as we came down the steps and cheered and wished me a happy birthday. Then started partying again. The first dance started and Mr. Shaw came up to me and took my hand. I stood on the side lined up with the other lady's and he stood on the other side with the gentlemen. The music started and we began .We danced in silence then his place was taken by none other the William!

He looked down at me and asked “enjoying yourself”?

“Very much”.

Back with David……… “he is a man of few words” I thought.



"I hope you have good birthday".


“As long as you do nothing to embarrass or humiliate me I am sure that I will”.

“What makes you think I will embarrass you”?


“Because” ……………


Edward who was the biggest meanest bully took his place he grinned at me and said “Well Fatso you’re looking lovely tonight.”

 He reached down and was about to place his hand on my breasts! Only just before he got his hand there William  came along and took me away and back into his place.


“William who invited those perverts”?

“Aunt Caroline she thinks that because there my friends they are good boys”.

“Can I have the next dance with you” ?

I was so shocked I just nodded my head.

Back to Mr. Shaw who finally spoke to me “you are very pretty tonight.” “Do you know that?”

“I have been told”.

“Well you do.” “And you dance very well for a wall flower”.

“Well thank you”.

"you should give him a chance" " he is not the same man he used to be".



The music ended before he could enplane  and the woman curtsied and the men bowed.

Mr. Shaw took me to the refreshment table and poured me and him a drink.


 Then he looked in  certain direction and said "excuse me I see an old friend I must reacquaint with ".


I watched him disappeared into the crowd then I walked over to the side bench glass of champing in my hand and was about to put it to my lips when some ones hand stopped my hand spilling some on the floor! I was about to lose it when I saw William looking at me. I frowned at him as he said "I also remember the doctor telling you no alcohol ." "Or am I wrong".

I wanted to punch his handsome face but I held my temper mostly because I knew he was right. Alcohol mixed with my medicine made the medicine useless and I would be out for at lest four hours.

I let him take the glass from me as I said “I am surprised you remember so much about my condition”.

“Then again no I am not." "You remembered every humiliating thing about me so you could turn it all into a joke” .

“Why did you come to my party? Was it to humiliated me more or was it just to make sure I had no fun watching over me like a mother” ,

He was about to answerer when the music started I remembered then I had promised a dance with him and now I knew for sure my evening was ruined. But I couldn’t turn down his invitation after I had just accepted it. That was not like me so I took his hand and went to the dance floor for the slow waltz.


Why did it have to be a slow dance? Why couldn’t he have asked me to dance the first dance and Mr. Shaw ask me to dance this one? I really didn’t want to get to close to touching him at this moment.

We stood on the dance floor. He put my stiff hand on his shoulder and took the other one in his hand. Even though I hated him I loved the feel of his hands they were large warm and felt safe. He placed his other hand around my waist and I stiffened at the touch.

I was tiny compared to him coming only up to his chest. He looked down at me his green eyes more brilliant in the dim light. I looked at him only for a minute and the music started. I followed him well. Although I dared not look at his face. I didn’t want to be swept off my feet by his smile or green eyes so I concentrated on his chest and remembering the dance steps.

“I came because I wanted to see you.”


“You asked me why I came to your party I came because I wanted to see you again”.


“Why” ?


“Because it has been five years Jolie five years don’t you believe someone can change in five years”? 


“Yes but I don’t believe you will ever change coming back here was a mistake if you think presents and apologies will take back every hurtful and embarrassing word you said to me.You are wrong you hurt me and ruined my teen years and even now I am still the butt for your fun” .

“Tell me truthfully the real reason for coming here you hurt me so much once more wont make a difference”.

We had danced our way into a dark shadowy place. Instead of answering he reached down taking my face in his hand and kissed me!

I pulled back shocked! Thinking he must be drunk and slapped him in the face! Then I turned with a huff and walked away.


Once I was outside I inhaled deeply never before in my life had a man dared to kiss me. It was shocking that the first one to attempt it would be William.

Out of all the things he had been capable of he never would have stooped to this. Kissing me! Gross ugly me. He probably just did it to hurt me more .

And he succeeded .I wanted to cry, I wanted to die, I felt alone so alone and  the need for a real friend and companion .Someone who would be there for me, someone who I could talk to at any time, someone who’s shoulder I could lean on and talk to before bed.

And so much more . But would I ever have someone like that?

I heard a voice behind me and turned to see Mr. Shaw.

He was standing there with Emma and Rachael.

I smiled and tried to sound cheerful as I said “I just needed some air I am coming back now”.

“Good I was afraid Mr. William had said something to you to hurt you”.

 ”No, Emma I am fine I am coming back in right now so why don’t you both go in and enjoy yourself” .

Both girls went inside but Mr. Shaw stayed out longer and came and sat by me

“He tried to kiss you didn’t he”?

I blushed red how had he known!

"Its on your face". "Are you alright"?

"I will be in a day or two"

"Was it really that bad"?

"No it was rather nice." "But still he is William and it is the first time a man has ever kissed me."

“If I kissed you would it be better since I am not William?”

I looked at him with shocked amazement “you want to kiss me”?

“If I may”?

I smiled “you may”. “At least you have the courtesy to ask”.


He smiled and  took my face in his hands which were just as warm but only that .And when his lips touched mine I felt nothing. No spark, no excitement. It was just a nice kiss. But then again Williams kiss was not done in a nice way . And David was being much more of a gentleman then William at this moment. Maybe there was hope.




I knew spying was wrong but I could not help myself and now I wished that I hadn’t I watched from the shadows as the two of them kissed.

I wanted to go over there and tear out the guys hair before he did anything worse to hurt her .

She would never believe me if I told her the truth about who David was I only found out today by accident and it surprised even me but I saw the family resemblance.


Edward, Richard and Frank were all on it I had found them whispering about it 

It seemed that the plane was for David to seduce her get her to marry him then after that have these bullies kill her then all her wealth would go to him.


But of course she wouldn’t believe me why should she I would just have to make sure he never got a chance to pop the question .

I watched as they went back into the house and the music started again I went back inside and watched as they danced .

She looked happy in his arms and was looking up at him as they danced she did not flinch or grimace at his touch ether.

And at the end of the dance he kissed her lightly on the head she didn’t pull back or even slap him it would have been nice if she did but nothing seemed to be going my way .

When the evening was over I decided to take a look into David Shaws background.


 I felt lightheaded and happy as I made my way up to my room I spent the night dancing with Mr.Shaw, William seemed to have disappeared after the kiss and I really didn’t care about him.

Mr. Shaw was a dream a real gentleman and I liked him a lot.

Maybe just maybe I wouldn’t be a lonely spinster after all  

I got to my room and let out a yelp William was standing there by my door as if he had been waiting there the whole time.

“What are you doing here” I asked in a very impolite voice

“I just wanted to make sure you got to your room safely.” “Where is Mr. Shaw I thought he would at least bring you to your room” “He said he had something to do and what I do with Mr. Shaw is none of your business”.

“What did he do with you”?

I smiled “nothing you need know about.” “You can ask him if you want but I doubt he would tell you he is a much better gentleman then you ever will be.”

He was holding my wrist I frowned “let me go”.

“Don’t trust him he is a fake”.

“What are you talking about”.

“David Shaw may not be all that he says he is”.

I looked at him with a incredulous stare then I said “well this is low even for you”

“you really don’t want me to be happy do you so now you attack my one chance at happiness by attacking your best friend who seems interested in me.”

“You are a horrible man now if you don’t let me go I will scream”.

He let me go and I walked stiffly into my room.


Well that didn’t go as well as I had planned it. I had gotten angry and wasn’t thinking and now she hates me more then ever.

I stood by her door and listened she was talking with her maid and crying!

Now I felt terrible! Had I really hurt her that much .I would have to apologize tomorrow at breakfast and hope she accepts this apology at lest .

I turned  went to my room and sake into my bed in frustration.

© Copyright 2020 nanasegawa. All rights reserved.

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