chapter 3 a single door

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Chapter 3 a single door

Submitted: February 07, 2013

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Submitted: February 07, 2013



Chapter 3

I stood looking at the small crowd of people I had gathered. Everyone now knew of the quest and everyone had sent one of there children to see me. The age range from 15 to 20.

Jessie and Tommy were already chosen in my book then there was Frankie. Elder son of the Doctor dwarf. He came up to my chest but he was muscular and strong and 18 years old. Linda was the daughter of a Elf and dwarf together she got all of her mothers fairness and good looks and her fathers height a little taller then Frankie but she had courage and very good reflexes and she was 18.

Then there was me. I was the eldest, 19 soon to be 20, I was smart? Yes. Cousous? Yes.

Was I terrifying? No . When people first saw me they saw a short woman who did not look just as lovely as her sister. Whose only attractive features were here her brown eyes,, long lashes and dark eye brow’s and plump pouty lips. She didn’t have a face any guy would remember and at partys she was invisible, with friends she was the third wheel. and her body type was not thin or curvy.

But the chief chose her to lead the expedition and she had accepted it and now with her little sister in the care of the police chief and his family she was ready to start the expedition to the maze .

“Now you all know what this maze is don’t you “? Everyone nodded “good keep your senses sharp any slip could case the lose of a limb .and we need you together once we reach the hospital”. “Any questions”? “Good lets get going” .

The cursed maze was part of an old amusement park back when things were normal.

It was also a porthole to White land but that porthole had become rotten and covered in cobwebs in order to reach it we first had to go through the maze. In good times the maze was a happy place that filled you with excitement each time you made it through but now it looked dark and twisted.

There were four different obstacles. The fist was a balancing act.

There was a long peace of wood that stretched across a black river, you had to walk across without falling .Easy enough you would say. Not so. In the water hands came out bumping the plank making balance more difficult and if you lost your balance and fell teeth would devour you .

The next obstacle was a jungle Jim painted with faces inches apart. You had to watch your footing one misplace and the faces would bite your limbs off.

Then there was a high wire act and like the first obstacle lose your footing and teeth and hands would grab you!. The last obstacle was one no one had yet made it through but those who made it back to tell the tell said the noises coming there were enough to make your heart freeze.

There was also the entrance to the hospital the bottom floor where rumor was was filled with vampires and zombies. If you could get to the second floor you were safe and you would be close to the porthole . But we have to get through the maze first thought Anna she took a deep breath and said “well brave ones come on lets enter and save our town” .

Anna went in first followed by Jessie and Tommy then Frankie and Linda. All filed one by one into the entrance of the maze where the first obstacle came into view .The plank of wood.

It stretched far and below a dark black pool of water even now I could see hands coming out.

“I can do this I told myself I am the leader”. I turned to my friends and said “well here I go”.

Jessie put her slim hand on my shoulder and said “we are right behind you”. “Be careful”, said the rest in unison. I nodded and placed my foot on the board it wobbled I held back my scream and placed another foot on the board. My balance I knew was horrible but I knew also I had to keep going forward “Don’t look down don’t look down”. I told myself as I slowly inched forward. Once or twice I felt the board wobble. I almost fell in but managed not to let any of my limbs hang over the board.

In what seemed like forever I finally made it to the other side. Then I had to watch in painful suspense as my sister made her way over to me. I thanked God that she had been taking gymnastic classes and her walk was faster and more confident then mine .Tommy was next he had excellent balance it had to do with his elfish background and the fact he was trained in yoga and karatia Frankie being shorter and stouter had a little harder time but his short limbs kept him out of danger as did Linda in the end we all made across safely.. But the danger was by no means over. A door led to the next obstacle. The jungle Jim. The beginning was a slanted board of wood with a rope to pull yourself up. This plank was covered in pictures of faces looking scared and haunted. There faces moved around and around.

“make sure none of any of your body parts touch those faces” I said taking hold of the rope .

I put one foot in a opening big enough for one foot and pulled! The others watched in silent tension as I made my way up one foot at a time I kept my face looking at the other faces making sure my boot did not touch any of the faces. Once or twice I almost had a slip and a face snapped at me.

I then watched from the top as my sister came up. She was so much better then me like she was at everything we did. Tommy as always made it up in the blink of an eye and Frankie and Linda because of there stocky stature could not touch the wood at all we helped them up using a harness and held our breaths as faces opened there mouths to show sharp teeth almost reaching but missing by inches.

Then there was the high wire this one was something I knew I couldn’t do but I had to there was no going back now I looked back and asked dose any of you know how to walk a high wire ?

I can slightly said Jessie my balance isn’t that good yet but I know the basics. Good well I want you to get across first and as you go take the links for the bridge we scavenged at home and nail one to each wire it wont be sturdy but it will give the rest of us balance and if it doesn’t hold use the rope in your bag got it?Yes I got it .Ok go and be careful. It took Jessie all of an hour and a half to get across my heart almost stopping a few times as she slipped but she made it across and also completed the bridge. I,m going next I said placing my foot on one of the wooden planks i only hopped it would hold my weight wit the other hand holding the rope I started across I tried not to look down as noises under me sounded mighty close almost as if teeth would snap through the wood. I was in the center when it happened the plank behind me broke and giant teeth burst up i scrambled forward and ran as the rest of the bridge gave way and I thought I was a goner when the twang of an arrow sounded and the teeth let out a scream and sank back into the water. I looked back at the others there was Tommy with his bow drawn and Frankie and Linda had empty knife sheath I knew they had more somewhere else but that was not my worry now I looked back and to my surprise found that I had made it across but broke the bridge in the process. But I watched with equal surprise as the two dwarfs made it across with just there arms and I wasn’t surprised at all that Tommy could make it. and we had all made it across the wire now came the last part of the obstacles the maze and after that the hospital with zombies but I knew if we could make it through this maze we could get passed the Zombies. but first we stooped at the entrance to rest and recuperate. We were coming to the last leg of the maze and we would need all the strength we had . I leaned against a wall to tired to eat the others sat down gratefully and they too soon fell asleep. My dreams were not pleasant as we were now deeper into evils territory there was nothing to stop the boggy man from giving me nightmares and that was just what happened I was so happy when I woke up and found everyone still in one peace. They all looked as if they had much of the same night I did after we ate breakfast we started our journey again going into the Maze not knowing what we would find inside . I think that scared us more then anything not having any idea of what to expect once we set foot inside the maze .

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