chapter 3 sometimes love is tragic

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Chapter 3 of sometimes love is tragic

Submitted: October 11, 2012

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Submitted: October 11, 2012



Chapter 3


The next morning I went down to breakfast I knew she would be the only one awake at this early hour.

And I was right she was sitting there but not alone David Shaw was there already talking with her and it looked as if she was laughing with him .


I sank back out of view and sighed maybe I was overreacting maybe David really didn’t have it in his heart to kill his own sister. I just hopped I was right about my friend after all these years.

The documents I had obtained told me Jolie had an older brother named John Milligan

His parents sent him to America at a young age to be an apprentice and learn from a master jeweler.

While he was gone the fire struck and both parents were killed he didn’t even know his sister was still alive until he came back to England and met me and I told him about my adopted family.

The night before I had gotten him a bite drunk and he told me more.


On paper he is David Shaw he was raised by the Shaws as their son since Mrs .Shaw could not have children and his hair had been bleached it used to be a dark brown but he changed his hair color trying to put it all in the past.

Then when he heard his little sister was still alive and all the parents wealth was going to her he was overcome with jealousy and came here to take back what was rightfully his that was all he got out before he collapsed in a drunken sleep.


I don’t think he remembered much of what he said last night but I could tell he had a head ache by the way he winced every time she said something a little higher then a whisper .


I smiled to myself serves him right . I saw him get up and leave saying he had something he needed to do  once he had left the room I walked toward the breakfast table .



I looked up to see who was coming in the room and my good mood vanished. 

why did he have to come the moment I was the most happy and ruin my moment .

I tried to concentrate on my tea but he was standing there silently waiting to be noticed.

I finally looked up at him and said good morning. I really have to go  now I stood up and was about to walk passed him when the three words that came out of his mouth made me stop

“I am sorry.”

That was the third time he had said I am sorry to me He never in his life apologized to me about anything I was beginning to think he was not the William I had come to know that maybe those five years spent away from this place had changed him for the better .


I was willing to give him a chance maybe he could be nice maybe he had grown up I was not ready to forget everything he ever did to me but I would not be so harsh on him ether.

I turned to look into his eyes they were brilliant green and there was a pleading look in them ,his eyes made my heart beat faster and my pulse beat harder I swallowed and tried to stay calm as I said

 “Sorry for what”? 

“For ruining your birthday and ruining your life” .

“.My life.. ,my life… I cant believe  …you apologized to me about my life  as if you were the one controlling it.” Sure you helped to make it a living hell you encouraged it but you were gone out of my life and I was moderately happy.” “You come back and your even more better looking then I remember you are sweet to me and not only on the rainy day its like you are a whole new person are you even William or have you left him at school.”

He smiled sheepishly “I am William I swear.”

“Its just that I have gotten used to you teasing and hurting my feelings.” “Not smiling at me and dancing with me and cuddling with me and kissing me”.

We both blushed at that memory


“You haven’t hurt my feelings once since you have been here”, “nor laughed at me you have apologized to me thee times since you came here and saved my life twice” .

“William I am usually not worried about you because I hate you but I have to know?” “Are you alright in the head”?


“I am perfectly sound.” “I just am no longer that teasing boy you remember from your teens.” “He is gone.” “I left him in a dump along with all his ungentlemanly ways” .


I smiled at him “this is the longest time you have let me speak without interruption or a mean joke.”“William if I were to say I am not willing to forget all the things you ever did to but I am willing to try to become friends what would you say” ?


“I would say, “I have accomplished something toward what I intended to do by coming back.”


“Good so baby steps toward becoming friends”?

“Yes baby steps”.


We shook hands in friendly agreement then to my surprise he asked if he could hug me.


I smiled at him "baby steps remember baby steps". Then I curtsied and left the room.


I walked down the hall a small smile on my face I felt as if a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders and I realized it had been taking all my energy to stay angry with him after all these years and now that I had decided to let it go I felt happier and free.

It made me realize even the worst boy can grow up into a good hearted man and William was living proof of it. Of course I was not rushing I would still watch him closely just to be sure he wasn’t playing another nasty joke on me. But if he did so what nothing would be lost. There was still plenty I was still angry at him for that a life time would only forgive. but I put that in the very back of my mind.

I wanted to enjoy my day and I would not let anything ruin it .I went to the stables and with the help of the stable boy I mounted my horse then I rod off into the fields.


As I rode I thought about this mornings events David had given me a ring and made a proposal to me. I asked him to give me a day to think about it .He told me to take my time and let me keep the ring it was a gold band with tiny white diamonds all around it I slowed my horse down and looked at the ring as it sparkled on my figure.


I saw no reason why I should not marry David. He was nice man so far even if it had only been three days. He was kind to me and a gentleman and even if his kissing did not spark like Williams did. He had never hurt me in my life and asked for permission before he kissed me .There was not one reason why I should not get engaged to him except for the fact it was a bite quick and I hardly knew him but when you are in your 20s and are desperate for anyone to ask you to be his wife you cant be picky .

Maybe I was rushing it but I decided to accept his offer I finished my ride without any meetings with ether of the men and got back home as soon as I got home I headed up to Aunt Caroline’s room to tell her the news.


Aunt Caroline was silent after I finished speaking to her then she said “but dear you hardly know the man three days is not enough time to get to know someone”.


“I know but I feel like I know him already and he has been nothing but kind to me since I came here and most men are not interested in me Aunt”. “I have to take my chances I might not get another man who wants me in this way” .


Silence… “then if you are sure this is what you want”?

“It is.”

“Very well I will speak to your uncle about this and have a talk with Mr. Shaw we will let you know when we make up our mind.”


I left the room a little light headed as I made my way down the stairs on my way down William came up he looked angry and took me by the arm almost hurting me “let go of me this instant!” “Let me see it”! Huh? “The ring let me see it”.

“Oh”! smiling I held out my hand to him and showed him the glittery ring “isn’t it lovely”.

“Did Aunt agree to it”?

“She said if it is what I wanted she would talk to uncle about it.”“I don’t see why you are so worked up about it I thought you would be happy for your best friend you look as if you are about to explode”.

“You cant marry him”.

“Why not”?

“Because” …”because you hardly know him” .

“That is irrelevant we will get to know each other once we are married” .

“Do you love him” ?

“I like him a lot he is a very nice man who asked me to dance and who asked me before he kissed me”.”Now let go of me or you will bruise my arm”.

“Do you love him”?

“I am sure in time I will come to love him it is no business of yours”.

“He is not right for you”.

“Oh and I suppose you are”?

“ a manner of speaking yes”.

“Oh really”? “You think you know me that well you think I would want a husband who made me feel like no more then a peace of garbage, a shadow, a nobody a thing to be laughed at ,a joke.”” If that’s the kind of man you think I will marry you are extremely stupid or is this just another one of your cruel jokes?” “I would expect this from someone like you.”

“He is your brother” !

I stared at him with a shocked appalled look.


“That’s right his name is John Milligan and he is your brother”.


I was red in the face.” ” How dare you this is the final straw I officially hate you.”  “I say it to your face.” “You toy with my deepest feelings.” “My brother died before I was even born I had put him in the past long ago and you just brought it all back thank you so much.” “You know exactly were to hit me the hardest.” “Well you got what you wanted you want to see me break down and cry?” “Well you see it now and I don’t ever want to talk to you again.”

I pulled free of him and slammed the door behind me.

I stood there trying to calm myself but the tears kept coming William who I thought was a changed man had just done the worst thing he could ever do make my family seem like pervert he had insulted and hurt me more then he knew and I hated him from the very bottom of my heart.

And I decided just to spite him and make him angry I would say yes and Marry David Shaw .


I stared at the closed door for a long time before I regained from the shock of it all. I had not expected her to react like that.It seemed she had grown more sensitive over the years .I thought we had hit it off well this morning and now it seemed all her good will toward me had disappeared all over again .

Very well if she would not listen to me it was time to take decisive action. I would go to David and tell him I knew he was her brother and to stop his attempt or I would expose him .

I went to the stable yards where he was just getting back from a ride

“I want you to call of the marriage” 

“Now why would I do that?”

“I know who you really are and I won’t allow you to hurt her”.

“Do you want to marry her”?

“No I don’t.” “Then I would ask you to stay out of my business.” “As to proving I don’t know what you are talking about but you have hurt your stepsister enough don’t you think why don’t you be a man and leave her alone”.

I strode up to him until we were face to face he was a head taller then me but I still eyed him menacingly “I heard you talk while you were drunk that night”. “You told me you had come to take what was rightfully yours and get your sister out of the way”.

He looked down at me and smiled “did I say something like that?” “I sure don’t remember it you have absolutely no proof now I would like you to leave before I do something I would regret.” 

“Go on do it show her just what you are”. “A fraud ,a coward and a liar, how are you going to do it huh? Are you going to poison her, beat her up, throw her  out of the window, let her get run over by a horse, and of course you won’t see or do all this you will have your little minions do it for you, COWERD”!

He turned then and punched me in the nose. “We used to be friends I was going to split the wealth with you but it seems now I will have to dispose of you as well before you ruin my planes”.

Something hard landed on my head and I lost conciseness.


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