Chapter3a strange adventure

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Submitted: October 14, 2012

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Submitted: October 14, 2012




The next morning they woke up to the sound of birds Feana woke stretched her wings and looked over at Marlin who was looking at the clouds then smiled and said “good morning Feana”

Good morning” she said did you sleep well?

“Yes you”?

“I slept fine” !
“So” he said sitting up “where are we headed”?

“Toward the fairyland” she said “no one knows where it is but the fairies and no one is there now that the dark lord burned It”.

“I a? sorry” he said “It must be terrible to lose loved ones not that I have very many”, He said

She smiled sweetly and said “we had better go to night the moon will be full.”

He nodded and got up. They traveled most of the day until they stopped by a small stream Feana flew high into the trees so as not to take any chances then waited and watched soon the moon came over and shone on Marlean his scare started to glow silver his muscles contracted and he began to shiver all over then there was a ripping sound and he started growing larger furrier and his noise grew into a muscle he grew claws and long ears then he went on all fours and howled at the moon then he ran into the forest!

She didn’t want to hurt him but she knew she must defend herself from his attack if he did come to this tree. Feana was frightened she was all alone up in a tree she wished she could turn off her glow that was the one thing she disliked about herself she glowed silver in the dark and attracted attention. She hoped it wouldn’t attract Marlean she waited in silence to frighten to move. Suddenly something sharp pierces her wing and before she could react something pierced her side and she started falling out of the tree. She tried to fly but could not the arrow had pierced a muscle in her wing and she fell and hit her side. The arrow going deeper into her side she let out a cry of pain then she looked up to see two Centures pointing swords at her and behind her she saw to her horror Amber snearing.

That traitor she thought she must have told them that I helped him escape.

“Please don’t come,” “save yourself” she thought.

The Centure got closer pointing their swords and said “tell us where he is or you die”! She held back the scream and remained silent “tell us” they yelled and pierced her wing snapping a muscle. She let out the howl and past out. During her unconsciousness  she was in and out and once she thought she heard a fierce howl and screaming but then she would fade in and out until she lay there feeling half dead and too tired to try to heal herself. “I am going to die” she thought as she drifted back into unconsciousness!

She awoke to morning and quietness she tried to get up but was stopped by a hand on her shoulder she looked up to see Marlean

He was shirtless and wore a pair of pants. His chest had large scares and cuts on it and his face was dirty and bloody. He looked at her with a concerned face then said “are you alright how do you feel”:

“I am still in pain” she said “my wing hurts, it feels broken and I think I broke a rib falling out of the tree and the arrow cracked it”.

He nodded and said “I managed to bandage you up the best I could but the arrow was hard to get out you would have bled to death if I had not done something so I took it out and used the little power I had to seal up the wound before it got worse, your wings I could do nothing to them they are much too delicate to touch and the muscles are too thin!

She groined and said” help me sit up” . When he did she said “now take my hand and hold it and touch my wing and don’t let it go” .

He did that and as he held her hand In place she said “heal”! White light flowed out of her hand and covered her wing. Watching Marlean saw the muscles go back together, the wing moving spontaneously healing every wound in her wing when the process was complete the light shot back into her hand like a magnet. She let out a sigh closed her eyes and said “thank you”,

“Your welcome he said “I was glad to help”.

Then she looked up at him and said "so what happened? How did you find me? Where were you when they attacked”?

“Not far”! He said “it is also a bit hazy for me”, “”I wasn’t myself.” Then I heard the fighting I heard you scream and then ran in the direction I was waiting from in the trees readying my move. “I saw Amber there I got so mad I had to constrain myself not to jump at her when you screamed again and passed out I made my move I flew Into the air growling then I killed quit a few men If I was human I probably just would have wounded them but in my animal form I could kill just with one gentle sweep because I am twice as strong when It was over Amber had fled and most of the army was dead. I am sure they will come after us again if we do not move swiftly they will catch up with us again”!

Yes let us go on she said it it still quite far from fairy city so we should get a move on with that she stood up Marlean cleaned himself up Feana washed in the river and they started off again toward the fairy city!

The rest of the journey went on without incident soon they came to the forest of happiness where most of the good magical creature lived like fairies elf’s tiny elf’s mermaids good spirits of the river etc!

Feana went up to the entrance and said “Blodgarm I have returned”!

There was a rustle a swirling in the air and then a white spirit with Long hair and a kind but hard face looked and said you are indeed returned Feana but we cannot allow a werewolf to enter the forest of happiness he belongs to the forest of darkness and besides that he is the dark lords son!

Please said Feana won’t you take a moment to listen to me. She then told her story to Blodgarm and when it had finished he said it is indeed a amazing tale bring him forth I would like to examine his heart if he has a good heart then he shall be allowed passage into the forest!

Feana called him over and Blodgarm closed his eyes and stood a still as a statue after a few hours Blodgarm opened his eyes and said “you have one of the kindest purest hearts I have ever met you are very different from your father”. “I wonder if you are even blood related because I know the dark lord would never marry anyone with a good kind heart but maybe you know the reason.”

Marlaean said “I heard around in the castle that my mother died soon after birth and it appeared she was killed by magic I also heard that my father just wanted an air so he just raped a woman on the street seduced her with magic and brought her back with him to the castle and then killed her after she gave birth to me.” So she must have been a Good woman but that was his mistake I seem to have my mother’s heart and not his”. “After that I hated my father and when he could do nothing to change me he caught a werewolf in the forest put me in the room with it and it bite me my father was hoping this change would make me evil because I was now half animal but it didn’t work.” “As soon as I found out what I had become I fled the castle with my faithful wolf Roxsy who seemed to know exactly what I had gone though.” “I found that I could communicate with wolves so she was my best friend until she died not long ago”!

Blodgarm listened in silence and said “you have been through much pain I am sorry for you and would gladly let you pass through”. “You are not at fault for what you are and the dark lord is going to pay deeply for what he done to you.” “So will the werewolves but as for now I give you passage into the forest” And with that he vanished and a opening was formed in a tree they went in and found themselves in the most bright colorful magical forest you had ever seen!

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