ghosts of the silver lake

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic
Prologue .He awoke with a start it was cold but he felt no pain only a dark loneliness all around him………………………….

Submitted: October 16, 2012

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Submitted: October 16, 2012




Tyra sat at a principles desk and stared at the floor while the principle stared at her icily.”What have you done” she screeched out loud “setting Fire to the building and injuring 15 people”! “You have caused to much havoc in this school but this is the last straw”. “I will write a letter to your parents and they can deal with you but you are expelled from this school pack your bags and leave now” !

Tyra stood quickly up and ran out the Principles door to her dormitory she packed her stuff and left in a hurry not wanting o meet any of the school children on her way out. She knew her mother would be ferrous and that she would not listen to her even if she told her the truth! Her mother did not believe her the first time when she told her she was being bullied neither did the principle. This time she had been set up but who would believe her. Her parents were foster parents who cared nothing for her and the school children thought she was just a tiny loser to be picked on! She hated school with all her heart she was the smallest and youngest at the school only 13 and the rest of the kids went up to 16 or 17. One older girl May loved to pick on her and her gang of girls loved to set her up and play pranks on her just because she was the youngest and they thought she was insignificant. But really although she did not know it they were jealous because she was so much prettier then they. But even boys didn’t notice her thought she wasn’t worth it to skinny and dumb !She was a wavy brown haired girl with hair to her middle clean cut face large almond shaped green eyes with long black lashes and thin eyebrows a straight thin nose and small mouth her body was slim with delicate curves and she was short !But her looks meant nothing to boys they were interested in bright smart girls and she was put down by other girls who dated boys so all the boys mocked and looked scornfully at her she felt as if she had not a friend in the world !

She got home and reluctantly gave the Principles note to her Foster mother.

A thin faced stern looking woman with a mean complexion who scolded her and sent her to her room. She then locked the door and took the key this had been done many times and she had a way of escaping but at the moment all she wanted to do was cry. She had no shoulder to cry on so she cried alone asking God to please deliver her from her loneliness and pain!

Suddenly she heard a noise she looked up and saw a colorful bird on her window. She wiped her eyes and came close to it. It flew a few feet away and looked back at her as if to say “follow me”, So she did, climbing out the window and sliding down the pipe then she ran after the little bird who was waiting her and making her follow him. He soon came to a clear pool of water turned to look at her then dived in. She came up to the pool and looked into it. It showed her reflection perfectly. Then her reflection moved and looked at her with a knowing smile. She looked again rubbing her eyes and stuck her head closer to the water. Suddenly she slipped and fell in. She gasped and tried to get out but found she had no control over her body she fell down, down , down! Into the pool all around her was a silver light. Suddenly the light changed into sky and she found herself floating over a plane! Suddenly she started to fall again and landed with an Ouhf! In a haystack!

She looked around her and saw she was in a barn and there was an old man staring at her with wide eyed astonishment then he burst into laughter. This man dressed as if he was going to some medieval party with baggy trousers held up by a big leather belt a white shirt with puffy sleeves and a black wool vest with big knee high black boots and wore a black cloke tied with a black stone and he wore a Robin hood type hat with a feather. He laughed and laughed saying “oh my god have you ever seen such a sight” !

She got up and said “excuse me sir but could you please tell me where I am”?

The laughter stopped suddenly “that’s something I should be asking yee miss”. You look like yee came from another world.”

“Sir I would say the same about you”

“Nay it is yee who are different”. Said the man “tell me wee miss how did yee come to this land”?

“Well I was in my room, when a colorful bird came to my window, I followed it and it led me to this silver stream and he flew into it.” “I looked closer at the water saw my reflection move I looked closer slipped and fell into it and landed in your haystack”!

The man listened in silence repeating each word she said after a while more to himself then to her “the prophecy is beginning to come true”, I must call the Chronicle. Then he looked at the girl “How old are yee miss”?

“13” she said

“he nodded “your name please”


“Well Miss Tyra call me Bill”

“Glad to meet you Bill”, she said “Now will you please tell me where I am and what in heaven’s name is going on here and what prophecy you are talking about.”

“All will be reviled dear girl”, But I can tell you this, You are in Analasha and you are in the south part called the Southern quarters where mostly people populate this part. Then there is the Eastern quarter were Elves, Mermaids, Fairies, Unicorns, Centurs, Fawns ,and talking animal dominate. Then you have the Northern quarters were the Castles and King Viligent and his knights dominate with their people, Then there is the western quarter” he shivered “this is dominated by Beelzebub and his army of Orks, Trolls, Giants, Ogers, and the Razak”!

Tyrs shivered these were creature she only saw in movies or books but in this strange world she had fallen into they acutely existed! “oh yes I forgot”, Also in this North are a few witches and wizards as well as dragons. But they are friendly if left alone”! “But now I must take you to see the Misses she will be more than happy to tell you more and then I will take you to the Eastern quarters to meet the elves who know the prophecy inside out and will know if you are the one.”

Perplexed and puzzled Tyra followed the old man out of the barn and into a field and the end was a small house was a chimney. It was getting dark and the sunset was over two tall snow white mountain peaks.

“Those” said Bill “are the white mountains”. Inhabited by the Dwarfs and other strange creatures that do not have names.” Well we are almost home.” “Beth”! He yelled “we have a guest.” A plump woman with a medieval dress came out of the house she smiled in a strange way and said “Bill what have you been up to this time”? “who is this girl who dresses in such a strange fashion”?

“She fell from the silver pound while following the rainbow bird”.

The Old woman’s face looked shocked her bright blue eyes widened and her rosy cheeks flushed with nervous excitement. “The prophecy”! “Is she the right age”? “Yes Beth but She knows nothing about it so I am leaving you to tell her and find her something proper to wear”. “Yes dear” said Beth then taking Tyra by the hand said “come let’s see what we can find for you”. “What’s your name child”?”Tyra” “Well Tyra once we find you proper cloths and have you settled down then I will tell you all!

“Much better” said Bill as Tyra walked out of the next room. She was dressed in a wheat colored dress with sleeves to her wrists. The dress was flowing and reached to her feet and her brown hair was done in one simple braid.

“Sit down dear girl” said Beth bringing a bowl of stew to her “and we will begin the story that you need to hear in order to understand this prophecy”.

Tyra sat on a stool next to the fire and Beth began

“A long time ago”, Before any of us were old enough to be considered men or woman there lived A king who was kind and just. His right hand man and general was a proud haughty man who wanted to be king. So he goatherd all the evil creatures he could find while the good king gathered all his allies. A great battle was fought but this good king did a strange thing. There was a young girl of thirteen who had come from the other world and had lived in this land for two years. The king took her with him into the battle and it was won. The girl was sent back to her own land after that. When asked why the King did it? He said he asked the girl and she agreed. it was her bravery and sacrifice that made the army stronger and helped win the battle. After that there was no more battles. Then the Kings Son Vilgelnce was crowned King. The father was growing old but before he died a wizard and a future seer came and said in prophecy, “five years and ten days shall armies prepare for battle evil against good and they will fight but in order for good to triumph a Girl of thirteen will fall out from the Silver lake in a place called Bills farms.She will follow a rainbow bird and fall into his hay and although at first she will be discouraged victory will come to her and King Vilgelince who will fight besides her! Then the wizard disappeared never heard from again!

“And you think I am this girl” ?

“We know you are” said Bill and Beth together “everything he said is true so far and you are the one to stand besides the king and fight”!

Tyra stood up “me fight”! “No”!”Look I know nothing about fighting.” “Where I come from there is no girl fighting and I have always been the one to be picked on at school . You’ve got the wrong girl and I want to go back home”!

“I am sorry but there is no way to get back.” Only the King can send you back.” “But if you are the girl then he will ask you to do him a favor in return.” Tyra gulped and said “can I have a night to sleep on it?”

“Sure” said Bill “you can sleep in this room it belonged to our daughter” !

That night she was restless then she had a dream in it a kingly man came up to hear and said I am always here to help you even when times get rough I am always by you even when you feel alone. Then the dream vanished! When she woke up she felt at peace knowing that she had someone who would help get her through this. All she wanted was to get home and if the King was the only one who could send her back then she would go to him no matter what the consequence as long as she got home It would be fine. Even if it meant more loneliness and pain. There was probably no one here for here anyway. So she got up and went to the kitchen where Beth and Bill were talking.

Beth smiled “did you sleep well”? “Yes thank you”.

“I have come to a decision”!


“I have decided to go to the King for help and if I can be of any use I will help”!

“Good”, said Bill “then we can make an early start to The Eastern quarters where the Elves will tell you more about what you are to do.” “We will begin are trip after breakfast”!

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