ghosts of the silver lake Chapter3

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Chapter 3

Submitted: October 16, 2012

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Submitted: October 16, 2012



Chapter 3

The next morning Tyra woke up. She  dressed, washed, and went to the window, Next to it was a mist, she opened it and the mist disappeared .She then went to the oak palace where the queen was waiting for her. She said “we have put your lessons in order”, You will first study the deep meaning of this prophecy so you can understand it better. “This is your teacher” she said turning to an old silver haired elf with scrolls under his arm. He bowed and she curtsied then he said “please follow me”. He led her to a hollow tree which they reached with a ladder then the lessons began. She was first taught the history of why she was needed which she knew already.  The reasons were, it was important for the battle to be won because if someone came to this world humble and friendless they were the perfect person to wine because they would think nothing of themselves but for others and that is the most important weapon you could have. In other lessons she read and by the time she was done which was in a month she realized that it was important for her to give her all in order that others may live. She vowed in her heart that she would give her all holding nothing back. She felt better after she said this and continued with her training with all her heart. Once she had learned all she could from scrolls they went on to sword practice which she mastered well enough but nothing could match the elves strength and stamina. So she was a minor in sword art. It was only to defend herself for she would be fighting besides the king who would also make sure no harm came to her !

So months were passed in studding, practicing sword play, and archery which took time and all the while a white mist or shadow would be around moving as she moved. Soon the day came for her to leave and go toward the North to the Kings territory. So after spending one more night she packed her bags and along with Arunus a skilled warrior and Farum another guard they made their way out. They did not notice that the shadow was following behind them!

They traveled on for a few days then on the beginning of the second week they made camp by a stream soon they had eaten and where fast asleep with Farum keeping guard.

She was suddenly awakened by swords clashing! She sat up and to her horror saw the camp was surrounded by hideous monsters with bruit bodies and hog like faces they were fighting with Arumus and Farum who had killed three and were gaining on to huge ones. Then while there back was turned they were surrounded by three and got stabbed in the heart and died! Now she was alone and unprotected she drew her sword from its sheath and pointed it at the monsters .They laughed and came closer she shivered with fear. Suddenly one of them was lifted of his feet and flung into the water. The other four turned , A voice from nowhere saying hiyah and they found themselves flung one at a time into the water while a laugh that made her neck tingle echoed around the forest. The four Ork got up and tried to run but found themselves bound with ropes. Then one by one got lifted up and hung upside down on the tree! She stood frozen to the spot and jumped as a voice as soft as day but with a commanding air said ” come we need to get out of this place follow the shadow”.

She saw the shadow a few feet away so she followed it until they came to a different part of the forest!

There the shadow stopped and said”Hear should be safest”. Next to the river the white shadow hovered above the water and said “don’t run no matter what happens”.

She nodded to the voice and watched with amazement as the shadow twirled and spun. The top misted into cloud and slowly a face was being formed.

It was a face of a young man about 18 with shoulder lengthened wavy black hair, sharply angled face, and nose with sharply angled cat like blue eyes, with long black lashes. His eyebrows were angled like outstretched angles wings and a perfect mouth. He was very pale almost transparent and was tall and muscular but had a slim body and dressed in a white puffy long sleeve shirt with a black leather vest and black paints held up by a gem studded belt with black knee high boots and he had on his waist a sheathed sword !

She stared rooted to her spot too frightened to move here was a ghost and most of all it was a young cut one that had saved her .He stopped twirling and soon his form was floating above the water. He had an eerie glow of white light around him that made his transparent skin look more odd.

He looked at her then smiled and said “you don’t have to be afraid I won’t hurt you”. She gulped and looked around he said again “don’t worry I am not that type of Ghost”. She looked at him stupefied it was as if he could read her mind it was all too much for her and she broke out into crying !

The Ghost whose name was Murtake stared at her in bewilderment he did not understand why she cried but came over to her and said in a soothing voice “it’s all right its over there is no need to cry” .

She sniffed “I know it’s just all been so overwhelming for me and know I am speaking with a Ghost who can read minds it’s just a little too much for my nerves.”

Murtake smiled oh so that what was bothering her he understood now why she cried it was understandable he said “well if it would make you feel any better than I will not speak your mind.”

“It would make me feel a whole lot better thank you “!

“Good”, “Now that we understand each other you know my habits.” “I like to be left alone and I will go with you as your guard and protector until we get to the Northern kingdom” !

She nodded it was fine by her and all she wanted to do now was sleep so lying down she went into a soft doze!

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