ghosts of the silver lake Chapter4

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Chapter 4

The next morning Tyra awoke with the rising sun. She sat up rubbed her eyes and looked around the fire was still going and on it was a pot of boiling water and next to it was the pale form of Murtake who was string a pot of coffee. He looked her way nodded and said “good morning”. “Good morning”, she said coming over to the pace where one mug of coffee stood. She picked it up and drank it then said “what about you”? He laughed “we ghosts don’t need any nourishment.” “Oh”! She said “So you never get hungry or tired” ? “No”. Said the ghost “never”!

“Oh wow”!

“Well we should get going.” “The king is on a tight schedule and does not like to be kept waiting we should get going.”

“Yes we should”. So packing their bags they went on through the forest!

In daylight he was no more than a vague shadow. He told her he could show himself fully but just didn’t want to in the day. So they traveled on. Then one night as they made camp they heard a commotion in the forest. Murtake told her to stay and crept silently to the noise. He saw a group of ten orks attacking a young man about his own age! He looked like a lone traveler and was furiously defending himself. Murtake came up silently behind them and then with one stroke cut of all there heads! The man looked around to see who had delivered him when he saw no one he said “where are you”?

“I am right here” came a voice “right in front of you,” “look carefully and you will see”.

The man took of his hood and looked in front of him. He saw the haze and smiled “oh you are a Ghost”!

“That’s right”. Said Murtake showing himself “and who are you”?

“I am Norman”. “Traveler to the north, going to join King Vigilent in battle”!

“Oh I am headed in that direction as well.” “I am taking the prophesied girl to the king”!

“Really”? Said Norman in a voice that made Murtake suspicious “can I see her”?

Murtake looked at this traveler he looked honest enough like any other traveler.

He had blond stringy hair to his shoulders that stuck to his scalp stubbornly, strong muscular face with large blue eyes, a straight nose and masculine mouth, perfect blond eyebrows and long lashes. His body was muscular and strong but he was of medium size and not to large, Was dressed in a worn traveling cloak, with a worn long sleeve shirt, a brown vest ,and brown pants held up by a plain leather belt, and black boots ,and had a sheathed sword in his belt !

“I guess so” said Murtake cautiously “Tyra” he said “it is safe to come”.

Tyra came from the trees Norman smiled and walked up to her and said “it is a pleasure to meet you lady Tyra”. “Allow me to introduce myself”. “I am Norman on my way to the North to become a solder in the good kings army”.

Tyra smiled and while she let him kiss her hand she said “we are on our way there ourselves why don’t you come with us” !

“I would love to come”. “Here let me take your bag” he said

“Why thank you” said Tyra with a smile and they went together into the forest.

Murtake stood shocked and hurt he couldn’t understand why she would make a decision like that without asking him first. But then he remembered, To her he was just air a dead hunk of nothing he was only here to protect her and he never spoke to her without a reason. Besides this man was such a charmer anyone would fall for him. With a pang of hurt and jealousy he followed them close behind  !

He watched as she laughed and talked with Norman on the way and he grew more hurt and jealous thinking if he could he would cry because this broken heart was more then he could bear. He then understood that while he had been put in charge of guarding this girl he had fallen in love with her. But he knew from her thoughts that she had no such feelings for him considered him no more than air and a good guard. And this hurt him more then he thought it would. So as the fire was made he watched from a distance as they sat by the fire to keep them warm. It seemed like she had forgotten all about him. Her mind was full of Norman thinking he was the only real man who had ever spoken to her for this long, “he must like me”, She thought “and he is good looking and is so gentlemen like and kind”. And with these thoughts in her mind she went to sleep!

The next few days went on like this Murtake noticed that she was half in daydream state whenever she was around him and was always holding his hand. He felt that what little heart he did have left was broken. He felt pain. It was worse than the pain he felt when he had died. He wanted to cry out in sorrow but he knew it would not be. He was dead. Norman was alive and so much better looking in her eyes. So he just watched them silently from a distance. Until one day he was distracted in his own thoughts when he turned and noticed they were gone! He got up! Had they left without him! No their bags were still there they must have gone to some where private. He decided to follow them in secret. He followed them by asking the birds who pointed him out to a stream! Norman had taken Tyra there who stared up at him with worshiping eyes.

He looked at her and said “Tyra I have something to say to you”?

“Yes?” She said

” Tyra from the first time I saw you I knew I had found the girl of my dreams and I just want to say I love you.”

“I love you to” said Tyra and she reached up and he reached down and kissed. Suddenly Tyra felt something cold next to her heart! She pulled back in shock coming back to herself as she saw the knife pointed at her and Normans face changed into an evil sneer.

“Norman”! she cried “what are you doing!”

“Carrying out my job”, he said in a deadly voice “lord Belsebub sent me to kill you I had to lure you away from your protector in order to do it and now I have you.”

He lunged at her with a savage yell she stepped back and fell into the stream he was about to follow her when he stopped in mid jump, Tyra screamed! For from his stomach poured blood from a sword that was visible. Then he fell forward into the water! She moved out just in time saw the sword being drawn back and disappear. Then she suddenly felt weak in the knees and toppled to the ground and passed out!

She awoke to find herself under the shade of a tree with her cloak rapped around her. She was by a fire and saw her cloths drying, next to it. She found she was in her spare pare of cloths. She sat up slowly. It looked as if she was alone. She looked around for any sign of Murtake but he was nowhere to be seen! She stood up and looked around then she saw him and realized why she couldn’t see him he was standing over the fire so the smoke was vaporizing him. She came up to him he looked at her with an empty face then said in a empty voice “how are you”? “Fine thank you.”

“Good let’s get a move on”

“Murtake,” she said in a chocked voice “are you mad at me”?

He turned to her dryly and trying to hide the emotion in his voice said “why would you care I am nothing but air to you and just one of you guards now let’s go were wasting time”!

And with that he floated down the path.

Tyra followed behind tears of regret and loneliness welled up in her heart she was alone again. She had thought she had found love only to find out it was all a lie. Now the only other being in the world she considered a friend was angry and would not speak to her. She knew it was all her fault. She was in a dreamland and was suddenly awakened to reality !

Meanwhile Murtake was still nursing his broken heart he was angry at her but why should he be it wasn’t her fault it was Normans. He had said nothing to her about his love for her for fear of rejection and now he was sure she would not be so quick to say yes after this experience ofdeath to her life .

On the other world he gathered that she hated boys and did not trust them and here was the only place anybody had ever made a approach to her and she was just too happy to say no  ! So why was he angry? No he was not angry at her he was angry at himself and Norman and he hurt badly in heart to much to get over it now. But he looked back and saw Tyra following behind slowly with shoulders hunched and head bowed and she was sobbing. He stopped for a moment read what was in her head and felt very bad. He stopped and went toward her.

She looked up at him with red rimmed eyes and sniffed “I am sorry it is all my fault” “but if you forgive me and talk to me again it will make better because all my life I have had nothing but unkindness shown to me no one spoke to me then I came here and found people who love and respect me and you who have saved me more than once are my one and only friend and if I lose your friendship it will as bad as going back to my old life.” “Please if you have a heart you will not make me feel any worse” and she started crying again!

Murtake listened quietly suddenly a wave of compassion and emotion over whelmed him and he reached out and held her in his arms while she sobbed on his shoulder! When she was finished she pulled back and said “oh I just felt a ghost”! “I thought ghosts were like air and you can’t feel them”.

Murtake smiled “well you can’t”. “But if they want to they can let you feel them.” “It really is quite simple.”

“Probably too simple for me to understand” smiled Tyra

“Probably” said Murtake reaching out a hand and taking hers his hand was warm and soft .

She held it in hers and said “you are not like anything I imagined a ghost would be.” “I thought they were cold and spiritless, Just a mass of air. But you have a good heart and you are kind and soft.” “I have been judging you unfairly I am sorry.”

He smiled “Its OK none of it is your fault”. “But we better get going”.

“Yes we had better”.”How much farther to the kingdom” ?

“Not far” .”Only two days away”“

“Oh so close?” “I feel nervous already.”

“Don’t worry the king is kind and won’t let any harm come to you.”

“Still I have never been in a battle before”.

“It is not something to look forward to it is not happy but it must be done.”

“Is that how you were killed by fighting a battle”?

“Yes it was.” “The very one that was fought with the other girl.” “I died trying to protect my best friend from death”. “Usually that kind of act will be reward by being sent into internal paradise but I was told that I still had work to do and that once I had completed it I would be sent there.” “Just like you will be sent back one your work is done”!

“But you know I don’t really want to go back now. That place has no happy memories for me I didn’t even know who my parent were.

“I am sorry about that but it is up to the king.” “He always knows your purpose in this world and knows what is best for you”!

She smiled “I can hardly wait to meet him”

“Well it is only two days so let’s keep going.” they traveled on and on the evening of the second day they made camp for the night they could see in the distance the lanterns of the Northern kingdom!

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