ghosts of the silver lake Chapter5

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Chapter 5

Submitted: October 16, 2012

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Submitted: October 16, 2012



Chapter 5 

They got to the city gates. Murtake floated up to the towers and went to a guard who nodded looked down to Tyra smiled and shouted

“Open the gates”!

The gates opened and Murtake and Tyra went in. The bustle in the streets stopped as everyone turned to look at them.

Tyra flushed with embarrassment as the crowed continued to stare at her and turned away.

Murtake looked at her with an amused grin as they went up the path to the castle gates. The gates opened and they walked in down the hall escorted by two guards who took them to the throne room.

Tyra took a deep breath as the doors were opened and they walked down the room to the end of the hall were the King Vigalent sat on his throne.

Surrounding him were lords ladies and advisers.

The two of them approached and bowed at the king feet.

“Arise” said he in a soft loving voice.

Tyra arose at the voice it was straggly familiar as if in a dream.

Then she remembered her dream about the man! She smiled and realized it was him.

The King looked down at her with loving tender fatherly eyes and she melted with his warmth and love. She felt as if she was to unworthy to be in his presence as if he was reading her thoughts.

He said “I would not have brought you here if I didn’t know you had a purpose. Everyone of my subjects is dear to me no matter how insignificant they feel !

She looked up with shinning eyes and said “my king I am ready to do your will no matter what it may be”.

“I am glad to hear it” said the king then he looked at Murtake and said “your task on this earth is almost complete”. “You must now lead the ghost army into battle and help win this victory.”

Murtake bowed saluted to Tyra and disappeared !

Tyra stared into the spot where he had been and smiled wistfully.

The king looked at her with a smile then said “come my dear we have much to do and the battle will start soon”.

Tyra turned to the king and followed him as he stood up and took her to the battle front. He then instructed her in the thing she was to do. It was only to be beside him in battle with all her heart and soul and that would help win the battle ! She didn’t think that was to hard so she waited painterly for the battle to start. Then one day a man from the lookout tower shouted “the army approaches”! The kings voice echoed through the hall “gather the forces together for battle” ! She was soon on the battle. she stood by the king in full armor .The kings army consisted of men strong and tall .Then fighting alongside him was the elf army with captain Arunus as leader. Captain Fern as the fairy captain. Captain Mermloid as the Mer captain who came by ocean .The dwarf had also come to fight alongside with the griffins and Centaurs and Fawns plus a strange creature she had never seen before. It was a mix of cheetah lion and every other cat imaginable. There was a number of these lining up in the front plus good wizards and witches this made up the good army. The other evil side was also lining up at the head was a creature so evil and horrible in appearance it gave her the shudders just to look at it.

He had the body of a man but horns like rams set on his head. His skin was a pale sickly green color and his eye shone red with evil furry and he was dressed in black with a maroon vampire cape. Behind him was a army of orks, goblins, werewolf’s, dragons , giants, ogers, troll,s and razak. Plus an army of ghosts of dead evil ones that had passed on. These could die a second time .So there evil could not continue . There were also strange three headed creatures that looked like snakes but with massive elephant like bodies. These were in groups and made up the army! Belsebub made his war cry and charged! The other side charged as well with King Vigilint in it the lead. Ghosts behind and there was a clash and wale as many of the bad Ghost faded into black dust back to hell where they would burn for eternity.The elf’s fought with all their heart many of them also were killed but instead of dying went on to their inner body stronger then before but did not fight they went up to internal paradise in their new body as did the Mer men who came by sea. It was a gruesome sight but as Tyra stood next to her king she saw more evil fall she began to have more hope. Soon all ork, goblins, and the others were down only Belsebub was left. He stood in front of the king who said “your time is up go back to where you belong”. And after those words the earth opened and swallowed him up and he was no more. The crowd cheered! The battle was won, the evil king was dead and peace was once more in the earth!

Then the king said “come my faithful subjects to the feast which I have prepared to celebrate this victory. Rest, wash, and be marry. The crowd cheered again then the victory squad a team of ghosts appeared to clean up the dead bodies and mess while the victorious solders went to the palace where they cleaned and washed themselves and rested. Then went to the banquet hall where a feast was prepared. Tyra was sitting on the king left hand and Murtake on his right !He looked expectant and also a bite uncomfortable as well as excited. She wondered what could be up as soon as the feast was over the king tapped his glass and said “I have an announcement to make”. All ghosts and creatures gave him there attention he said “as you know this battle could not have been won without Tyra” everyone cheered again “also she would not have come this far if not for Murtake they have both served their purpose well and it is time for them to go on.” “Tyra will go back to the land to which she came and Murtake will go on to internal paradise!”

The crowd cheered again Tyra felt tears come to her eyes she looked over at Murtake, He had a look of serenity on his face but also one of apprehension. Everyone looked at Tyra the King said “are you ready to go back”? “But your majesty” she said “I have no happiness in that land only sadness and no love.” “In this land I have found happiness kindness and even love”!

The king looked at her kindly and said “I wish you could stay but it cannot be done” “you belong in the other world and you must go back”. “But just remember I have everything under control you must trust me.”

Tyra looked at him with tears in her eyes “please she said that land has no happiness for me nor love.”

“You must trust my child just trust”  !

Still sobbing Tyra nodded and said “I do trust you I am ready” She said taking a deep breath .And the last thing she remembered was Murtakes face glistening with tears!

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