moonlight in modern times Chapter13

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Chapter 13

Submitted: October 14, 2012

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Submitted: October 14, 2012



Chapter 13

Edward woke up to find himself lying in a bed he was in his human form and felt no pain at all he sat up and saw Willow also awake and looking better than ever.

Where are we? He asked gazing at sealing which were all roots of a tree covered in bark!

Willow answered we are in elf city they found us half dead by the entrance to the forest and brought us all back Aleasha and Anne are here to recovering from the shock but they seem unharmed!

Edward smiled "well and how long have we been here"?

Willow smiled "a week"!

“A week!” exclaimed Edward “have we been out that long”?

“you have” said Willow “I recover faster than you I have been out for five days and told the girls I would explain everything to them when you woke up and Elis will come to because he has something of great importance to tell us both!

"I see", said Edward "well then you better call them and not keep them waiting any more".

So Willow went out and came back with Aleasha, Anne, And Elis the Elf Elder and second only to the queen!

The two girls came in Willow sat next to Edward and they sat on the other bed with Elis sitting crossed legged in the center of them.

Willow began I have to tell you we haven’t been completely honest with you Edward here is not just someone important he is the prince of this whole kingdom even over yours I am the top magicians son who was sent at birth to give protection to him. The evil witch wanted Edward out of the picture so she came to the castle one day when we were walking in the woods at set a ware wolf lose he bit Edward and I could not stop him. After that we left the castle and came here the elf’s could not have Edward here because of his state so we went into the world of men and went to the school were we met you and things started to change. When the witch found out what was happening she sent a werewolf to try to kill him but that did not succeed. Then when she heard that Edward was happier than ever with his girlfriend along with me she sent to more to kill him which she almost did if not for the elves healing magic!

Aleasha and Anne looked shocked at the news you’re a prince they gasped!

Edward nodded and smiled sheepishly I did not tell you because we did not know what your reaction would be like and we were under strict orders from the elves that for my own safety I should not tell who I was!

This is a bite overwhelming said Aleasha and Anne nodded but I am ready for anything now after what we have been through and she smiled and Anne smiled too. Edward smiled back at them and they all had a good laugh!

Elis cleared his throat to get their attention they all looked at him then he said now that we all know the facts I have some news that I think you will all want to here firstly we have won the battle against the witch and she has fled so we will have no more trouble from her secondly the king and queen want you to come back and live with them. they have thought it all through and want you back no matter what you have become and they say the place is forest enough to hide you when you do change. But there is no need for that because you are cured. We have cured you with one of the best spell casters in the forest. He has been experimenting all this time and has finally got a cure !

Edward pulled his sleeve up to see the silver scare was indeed gone! He looked at Willow and said did you know?

I did said wWillow but Elis wanted to tell you himself so I let him!

This is more then I could have hoped for said Edward tears streaming down his face I don’t know how to thank you he said looking at Elis

No need said Elis it was a pleasure to help such a kind young man as yourself Edward smiled and said thank you so much then he looked at Aleasha who was also laughing and crying and said would you come with me to the castle and live with me there? Your parents are welcome as well as are yours Anne !

We would love to come said Aleasha and Anne as to parents we have none we are both orphans living with foster parents!

Oh said Willow and Edward even Elis looked surprised we are sorry but I guess we will have to talk with them first! They will let us go happily they don’t even like us all we have to do is tell them that we found a new home and they will be more than happy to get us out they won’t even ask were we have gone! All the better it is better they not know about the prince said Elis so we will take you now to their house and you can take care of the rest and with that he snapped his fingers and turned into a young middle aged man with rounded ears and a clean haircut also dressed in a black suit and said shall we?

The girls nodded staring in amazement at him then he turned to Edward and said we will be back shortly take the time to wright your parents and tell them the news and that you will arrive home soon!

Edward nodded and sat at a desk eager to write to his parents!

And so they all returned to the palace Edwards parents were overjoyed and rewarded the elves handsomely for their help they welcomed Aleasha and Anne warmly and from then they all lived happily ever after until the day they died.

The End.

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